{THREE things on a Wednesday}


Happy Wednesday. I always feel so behind after a long weekend, anyone else? Either way, on to  THREE things on a Wednesday !

Mabels Labels I felt like I turned in to a real preschool Mom when we got these! :) 
They hooked us up with a Baby Labels pack for Ryder and a School Labels pack for Delainey. There are so many different packs to choose from - hockey, daycare, dance, day camp...etc or you can just order specific stickers - clothing, shoes...

When it came to choosing which style they wanted Ryder of course went with bikes and Delainey, you guessed it, rainbows! You can choose from around 50 styles and 4 different fonts. You could put only the child's first name or both or choose to add a phone number.

Each pack came with a great variety of custom name stickers, clothing labels, shoe stickers and metal name tags and they will last us a long time!
The kids had a great time going to town labeling their items and Delainey's preschool and ballet things as well.

His little hands! He concentrated so hard doing this.

My favorite sticker we received was hand down the shoe stickers in Delainey's pack. They are a full rainbow and you put one in each shoe then the child looks into the shoe to make the full rainbow - no more asking which shoe goes on which foot!

Genius. Delainey thinks it's the coolest thing ever. (So do I!)

They are great quality, stick really well and like I said, you get so many for a low price. 
Bonus: They offer Free Shipping in Canada & USA. They are waterproof, dishwasher safe, laundry safe and microwave safe. 

Google photos always shows me photos from 'this day last year' or 'this day 2 years ago' and I love looking back at how much has changed - mainly these two cuties!

October 2017

October 2016 

October 2015

October 2014

October 2013

Reminder that the all scarves over at Western Bliss {out of Airdrie} are Buy 1 Get 1 Free all month and she ships super fast. Great gift ideas! :) I use them as blankets too in the truck and at my desk! :)

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Bex said...

Ok - the shoe label is genius. Liam needs those!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love the look back photos - you forget how tiny they were!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those stickers are awesome - and the shoe ones are genius!! I love labels so would have adored these as a child!

The looking back photos are so fun - it's crazy how fast the kids grow and change!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Ok those labels are awesome! The shoe ones are so smart!! And they stay stuck to the bottom of the inside of the shoe no problem?! Awwww baby Delainey!!! So cute. My google photos doesn't do this?? Do you have the app? I do have time hop which I like, but it also shows you you're old Facebook status updates and those are sooooo cringeworthy 🙈