{week + end rewind}

Happiest of Tuesday to you! I am recapping the weekend on a Tuesday this week which is better than last week! :)
We had family dinner last week on Wednesday night for Jolie, Mom, Delainey and myself - lots of September birthdays - before Mom and Dad left on their trip.

The kids had a sleepover that night so Cruz and I had the morning to ourselves and enjoyed a long {fast for once!} walk. I got a bunch done for the shower, a few party items and ran a few errands.

The kids had a blast with Ma & Pa as usual. They took the train down to Devonian Gardens {which still aren't open!?} but had plans to play at the park anyways. They had smile cookies and were delivered home for nap time!

While Ryder was napping Delainey had this great idea that she wanted to have a snack picnic when he woke up and got it all set up for him.

We found some puddles to jump in on our walk and Delainey chose a very unique outfit. She was SO excited about this Peppa Pig hat my Mom made!

Always diving into the grass to hide now!

Friday was a busy one! We dropped Delainey off at preschool and then got groceries before Ryder's first gymnastics class of the session. He loved it again! He's quite the strong and coordinated little guy.

We picked Delainey up and headed home for lunch and then got ready for her first ballet class. She was over the top excited. I was taking a photo of her in the hall and they offered to open up another studio for me to take a quick photo in. So cute.

We aren't allowed to watch so Ryder, Cruz and I went for a walk. He's such a ham and so much fun.

Delainey walked out of class on her toes and was just beaming! She couldn't wait to tell me all about it and wanted more photos of her "moves".

We treated the kids to a movie night and popcorn before bed. They loved watching the air popper the best. We watched part of the Smurf movie and then it was bed time. Delainey had other plans and was up being a stinker for many more hours. Needless to say she won't be getting anymore movie nights for a while.

Saturday I was helping host a baby shower for my girlfriend Nicole and her 8 week old little man Thomas. I was in charge of decor and we went with the woodland animals theme.

It was a lovely afternoon and it was great to shower yet another baby in our group. I became friends with these girls 27 years ago and between the 7 of us {Sara was sick} there are 12 babies so far! 

Sunday Justin headed out for a bike ride with Brian and the kids and I met up with Brie, Sully and Emmy at Market Collective. It wasn't too busy {other than parking!!} which was nice and we got to see some of our favorite shops as well.

Headband: Landi Lou Co, Sweatshirt: The Happiest Collection

They had a lot of little spots set up that the kids could stop and play at which was really nice {& smart}.

And the kids were treated to Popsicles from Family Freezed.

Delainey's face tells you how she felt about sharing with Ryder... ;) But I knew they wouldn't finish one on their own!

After Ryder's nap we went for a bike ride. It's time to dust my bike off now that the kids don't need my help!

We also made rice crispy squares for September birthday day at preschool and an ice cream cake to take to Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jolie's for dinner. Delainey wore her new bow from Landi Lou Co and also let me do her hair!

We had a great dinner with Jeff and Jolie and then headed home for bed time for everyone! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

D is a cute ballerina! Glad she loves it too!
I love Landi Lou headbands, Chloe has some too :)
As usual you did a great job on the baby shower!

Bex said...

She is the cutest little dance I've ever seen but that face sharing her popsicle!!! Oh man!!

You did a great job on the shower decorations!

Unforgettable Memories said...

Delainey's angry face for sharing with Ryder is hilarious!!!!! 😂😂😂

Ashley said...

Ugh I'm soo behind on blogging!!! Lol! Where has time gone?? When is your SIL due again?
Can't get over how big the kids are getting and soo cute! I will have to check out those headbands!!
Love the shower decor!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the look on Delainey's face in the popsicle sharing photo! Too funny!! She is quite the cute little tiny dancer! And I love all these photos but my favorite of Ryder is the one where he is laying in the glass. You have such beautiful kids!

The shower looked so nice! The food spread looked awesome - especially the macarons (that's my favorite dessert!). And I love the serving platter that the fruit is in!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh my gosh - LOVE the theme and decorations you did for the shower! So cute! Wait till you see the woodland animals I cross stitched for Emmy's and Sully's room ;) Dying over the photos of D practicing her ballet moves on the big rock! SOOOO cute! xo