{week + end rewind}


Happy Monday! We had a great week last week. I definitely love my Wednesdays off with the kids, give us that extra day of fun with a few errands thrown in. Last Wednesday our mission was to find some runners miss picky would wear as she has grown out of almost all her shoes. We found a pair of pink Nikes at Twice Bearly that she was excited about - thankfully! Since we were close by we swung by this amazing rainbow bridge {in Kensington} for our rainbow lover. She was in awe and wanted a photo with every color!

 New Bow: Pali & Paper from Ontario

The train runs right over it so we watched 4 trains before I dragged them away to walk to the park!

She was pushing him and warned him not to fall out cause rocks aren't soft like marshmallows! ha

Thursday we headed over to a new to us park "helicopter park" in Parkdale and happened to run into Leigh, Amelia and Gabe there too! The kids loved this park as well as playing in the fallen leaves under some trees!

After nap walk with Cruz and checking out the forest.

 New golden clip: The Baby Niche

I taught Surf Thursday and Brie joined! It is quite the trek for her so it was awesome to have her come try my class and I appreciated her support. 

Friday was a big day. Delainey's 1st day back at preschool - it was only an hour and I joined her {much to her dismay that I was!!} but she was excited!

^ We took these last week when she asked to! :)

We stopped to take her real 1st day of preschool photo on our way to drop Ryder off with Gramma.

Ryder was very helpful in the process. :)

 Bow: Pali & Paper, Tank: Portage and Main

We grabbed me a coffee - and a pink cake pop before heading to class.
She was very excited to see Bennett and meet her new teachers - quite disappointed that there was no snack time! ha

We picked Ryder up and then got groceries before nap time.
Saturday Justin headed out for a bike ride with Brian and Andrew so we cleaned the house, did some party prep, worked out and played outside.

Justin caught one of my favorite times of the day on camera. After naps when I take Ry out of his crib he says "cudda book" for cuddle and a book and I love it.

We took Cruz for a walk before getting dinner prepped.

Ryder always wants to push Delainey in her boat - his face! :)

We played in the backyard until Leigh, Brian, Amelia, Gabe, Andrew & Amber arrived for dinner.

It was a nice night so we ate dinner outside and the kids and dogs played!

How cute is Ruby?! 

Saturday morning we had a lazy morning and then Justin headed out with the kids to go to his Mom's to visit cousin Tracy and I headed out to pick Leigh up to meet the blog girls for brunch.
Jen who is traveling the world with her hubby for a year was in town briefly and made time for brunch with us so it was great to catch up with her and the other ladies as well.
The rest of the afternoon was spend dealing with an emotional daughter {lord help us}, crafts, working out and playing in the backyard.

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Leigh said...

That wall is awesome! Thanks again for having us over for dinner and it was great running into you guys! Delainey looks so cute in her skirt on the first day of preschool :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am obsessed with that rainbow wall - too awesome!
Urgh I hear you on runners, A hates hers and wants new ones but I told her her feet have to grow out of them so now they are "too small" - I tried ;)
I just ordered new bows from The Baby Niche since clips/bows seem to semi control C's hair.
Who is Ruby?!

Amber said...

Where is the rocking chair you have in Ryder's room from? I am looking for a rocking chair / glider right now and can't find one I like! I want more of a classic rocking chair look than a "glider" and I like the look of that one!

Looks like a great weekend. That rainbow bridge sure is cool. There are so many neat photo opportunities like that in Calgary!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are just too cute. Ryder is looking so much older these days. Did he get a haircut or something? He just looks more and more like a little boy! I hope that the first week or two of preschool is going well for Miss D. Her first day outfit is so adorable!

I'm also curious where you got that rocking chair. I'm debating between a glider and a rocking chair. I love the look of your rocking chair, though!

Karley Davis said...

Where was that rainbow wall? Looks like so much fun!