{week in rewind}

 Rewinding back to last week...it was a week full of playground visits it seems! Monday we met up with Delainey's preschool buddy Bennett at a great park in Edgemont. The kids had been there with Ma & Pa but I hadn't and it was a lot of fun. D and B had a blast together and were so cute playing and chatting!

Post nap fashion. :)

 Socks: Koowawa

Picking Saskatoons.

Tuesday we headed down to Bridgeland as I wanted to take the kids to this park after seeing it at a wedding we were at there. Delainey loved all the murals before hand the most I think!

 {The kids got these new sunglasses from Ray Bendz and they are just the best! They stay on the kids faces so well and the kids keep them on. I had numerous other parents at the park ask me how I get my kids to keep their sunglasses on. Plus they are a Canadian company and the sunglasses are affordable! 
Ryder chose the Lakeside [navy & blue] and Delainey went with the Lily [purple & yellow], knowing they both have tiny faces I got them both the 0-2 years size and they are perfect. They also have UV400 lens to protect them against the UVB and UVA rays. And they are bendy and flexible - perfect for not so careful little hands!}

 Shirts: Littlest Sidekick, Leggings: Simply Love, Sunglasses: Ray Bendz 

It's a really big park and the kid had a blast. Delainey was on the monkey bars almost the entire time we were there! the ground is the soft rubber that I love, way less mess than rocks!
 We met up with Daddy for lunch afterwards.

 And even checked out the candy store in Inglewood with him!

Delainey spent time building a new Star Wars Lego project with Daddy while Ryder and I played airplanes before bed.

Wednesday we headed down to Confederation Park to check out the new Canada 150 playground. We parked and walked through the newly painted tunnel and Delainey rode her bike.

 Pants & Shirt: Portage and Main

The park was a ton of fun! They loved this huge slide! Ryder would climb up himself with me spotting him and then we would ride together but Delainey went all on her own - about 50  times!

There is also a sandbox with toys and even a water pump - and yes Ryder was soaked and messy when we left! The ground is wood chips at this park which is awesome and perfect with the theme!

 Her outfit: Portage and Main

We stopped to throw rocks for Cruz too!

 PS. Be sure to check out the new line Portage and Main launched! It has some really great pieces {including awesome rink inspired ones} and perfect for "families who live in city but play in the mountains.

Thursday I joined Tara's Babes with Babes class again and we arrived early so we could play at the playground first. They love this slide so much and we had the park to ourselves!

 This week our workout was extra fun because Brie, Barb, Nicole and Leigh were all there!

We grabbed groceries after class and then that night I taught Surf and then Justin and I caught up on some shows and got ready for the lake! :)

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Rachel Steck said...

I love Delainey's fashion sense - that first outfit is everything.
These parks look like so much fun!

Bex said...

You guys have such cool parks there! I'm jealous :p