{week + end rewind}


We had a great week with Justin home with us and I was very sad when he had to leave for work yesterday morning. Summer goes by far too fast. I go back to work so soon now. :( 
Rewinding back - we got home from camping in time for me to head out for girls dinner. I love these nights even if we all can't make it we have a great time and usually they are waiting for us to leave so they can close up!

Wednesday we headed to the zoo. It had been a while since we'd been as a family and we wanted to check out the new Land of Lemurs exhibit {that Justin's company worked on!}
It's really cool with fun bridges and the open concept allows that Lemurs to be right there beside you!

Ryder loves making this face.

After naps the kids wanted to show Justin the pond we walk to and to pick some raspberries.

Ryder did not add any raspberries to the bowl. :) Into his tummy they went!

We had them on ice cream after dinner and it was delicious!

Justin went for a bike ride with Brian and Andrew after dinner.

Thursday Justin had a few errands to run and help his Mom out so the kids and I headed down to Tara's workout class again - this week with Brie & Leigh. We were early so took a little walk around the studio before hand.

On our afternoon walk Delainey was climbing to get flowers and excitedly found more Saskatoon bushes - they are everywhere in the ravine, it's so great!

Backyard time until I had to leave to go teach Surf.

Friday we headed out for Moraine Lake. When we got to the turn off for the lake it was closed because it was full! Thankfully after we looped around enough people had left that they let us up.
We didn't have to wait too long to find a parking spot but it is a ZOO up there! So many people and tour buses. We had a plan so we hit the trail for Consolation Lakes. It was a beautiful hike and not busy at all! We did 7km and that was with going up to the look out as well.

Once you get to the top it's a little rocky! ;) But we ventured across a bit to get closer to the lake and find a good rock to stop at for a snack.

We ran into one other family and exchanged taking each others family photo! Cruz was a true mountain goat navigating the rocks. She enjoyed a few swims up there.

As always photos do not do this place justice. Plus the smell is unreal.

Of course Ryder enjoyed that one little puddle.

We headed back down and went to the little look out to take in the beauty of Moraine Lake. It's just the most incredible color and no photo can capture it. Even in real life it looks fake!

We walked around the lake a ways so Cruz could go for a swim and Ryder could sit in a mud puddle. ;) It really is a stunning spot.

Once we got home we got cleaned up and headed over to Jeff and Jolie's to celebrate her finally getting her permanent residency!

Saturday morning Justin headed out for a bike ride and the kids and I went to visit my friend Nicole and her sweet 9 day old little man Thomas. I couldn't get enough of him!

From there we were off to Barb's for Taylor and Ivy's Teddy Bear Picnic party. The kids had a ton of fun!

Lucky for us, Gramma Debbie was coming over to have dinner with the kids and we were headed out for date night!
We planned a little beer tour and then dinner. We started at Cold Garden in Inglewood. It's a really fun, eclectic spot and they serve the flights on old skis. Plus it's dog friendly!

Next up was Banded Peak Brewing. They have a popcorn maker so it was my favorite spot. :) But the beer was also my favorite and it was a cool little spot too.

Last stop was Last Best for one last flights {I was SO full} and dinner. 

I loved the patio at Last Best  and the yellow doors. :) It was also right around the corner from where we had our first date so we had to take a photo there too!

 The sun on the way home was unbelievable! So pretty and bright but again no photo could capture it.

We hung out outside when we got home and enjoyed our new lights.

Sunday consisted of grocery shopping and park hopping in the community near by.

Then we hungout in the backyard until dinner. our landscaping got started today so this backyard is already looking mighty different!

It's all fun and games until Ryder gets flipped out of the hammock! ;) Good thing he is tough!

So sad this fun week came to an end but thankful Justin was able to spend it with us.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

How is it August?! Ack. I usually start to crave fall but not this year.
Oh man, that face of Ry's kills me every time I see it!
Your hike photos are so beautiful. I want to do a hike Friday (we are in Banff for a wedding) but I am worried everywhere will be insane since it is the long weekend.
You guys a great weekend, so much fun!

Bex said...

Your date night sounds perfect! I haven't been to Banded Peak yet! I'll have to check that one out.

I think I need to take Liam on that hike.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I've never been to Moraine Lake and need to fix that! I know it's crazy, but I still need to see it in person! You guys had a great staycation! I'm always so sad when Jim has to go back to work after time off too. July just flew by!