{week + end rewind}

 Well another week flew by. It wasn't the best weather week so a few plans were cancelled but we still had lots of fun. We were at the pool every morning again for swimming lessons and Delainey really did so well solo and we are eager to get her in another lesson so she keeps it up.

We did some puddle jumping. The requested bigger puddles and we even drove around and couldn't find any!

Naturally he dunked his head in the puddle.

Delainey died laughing and then said "Ryder Keith, you is not a smart boy"

We have had a chocolate pudding in the cupboard for pudding painting just waiting for a rainy day. They had a ton of fun followed by a big bubble bath!

Totally acceptable outfit for a casual walk.

 Leggings: Simply Love, Vest: Portage and Main, Purse: Little Blue Canoe, Clip: Cloth Crowns, Dress: Mini Way Co

Ryder requested a bike ride after our walk. He never lasts that long on the bike but really likes to tuck his feet up and you take him for a ride!

Wednesday after naps we headed out to drive over to our pond walk. 

We are smart now and bring a bucket to collect rocks along the way to throw in and then when the rocks are gone it's time to walk back to the truck {Ryder still hates this moment}! We also found some big raspberry bushes along the way and big pretty purple flowers.

On our way home Uncle Jeff called to see if he could pop by for a visit. This made as all happy as Dad was out at a Stampede function. So Delainey invited him for dinner and we had a great visit. Including Ryder using his belly as a trampoline and doing bum drops!

Thursday morning I had a dermatologist appointment so Justin took the kids to Delainey's swimming lesson and then we met up in Inglewood by Justin's office. 
The kids and I snapped a few photos afterwards for my Pink Blush post and then headed home. 

 Dress: Wee Urban

 Shorts & Tee: Indie Kids

They did beads while I made lunch. 

Backyard time after naps. 

Friday was out last swimming lessons! Hooray!

Justin got off work early and we headed to the lake! We had time to visit with Ma, Pa, Grampa & Chris and had dinner. We had a hot tub after the kids were in bed and then Delainey asked for one in the morning!

We had a hot dog roast and someone particularly enjoyed the marshmallow!

While the kids were napping I was practicing my SurfSet moves on the board - and trying to master a vertical headstand!

She wasn't all that impressed but Cruz went for a little paddle with me too!

We had a great boat ride and swim in the middle of the lake.

Then Lindsey and the girls came over to play. And both evenings Dad made us delicious cocktails - Friday was a coconut something and Saturday night was a Moscow Mule. 

Bike rides after dinner to show Great Grampa, Great Grandma Chris and Nana how awesome they are doing.

Then some beach chills and playing with balloons to prolong bed time. :)

The kids were up both mornings at 5:15am but they have to keep quiet until Momo clock wakes up {Ryder comes into bed with us} and then they can go on the ipad for a bit and at 7am we let them out of the room! We were spoiled both mornings Ma & Pa took the kids and I actually fell back asleep for another hour and a half!

Sunday morning was a bit overcast. We went to visit Nana and try her new swing {not pictured} and then kids found a bit of sand to play in by the lake so they were happy.

Sweatshirts: The Happiest Collection - You can use code Alison10 for 10% off. :)

We had brunch when we got back to our cabin and everyone went for a boat ride while Justin and I picked up and then sadly it was time to head home.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You guys are keeping busy - good for you! I am glad D did good in swimming :)
And the sun joined you for the lake! I saw a little dude cruising on his strider bike the other day and it reminded me of Ry!
Moscow Mules are my fav!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! I'm gonna have to get some chocolate pudding to do some painting!! I bet my 1 year old would love it!!!