{week + end rewind}

 We had a busy first week of summer holidays but it was a ton of fun and super hot!
We started the week off with the Delainey's first swimming lesson. Once again Delainey surprised us and has loved her lessons. No tears and does everything her teacher asks of her. She is in a class with just 5 other kids and it's a heated pool.

After swimming we got groceries and hit up the ravine!

Day 2 of lessons!

After class we headed to the splash park as it was really hot and I thought Ryder would love it. They had a great time but definitely aren't those kids running through it and getting soaked.

They probably enjoyed the picnic lunch the most! ha

Post nap walk/dancing in the ravine.

Picking flowers.

One second Ryder was right beside me and then next second he was gone. I immediately panicked and called his name and he chimed up right beside me "Mom hiding" and there he was lying down in the flowers. Stinker.

 Romper: Taylin Threads

We switched up our routine a bit and did our longer walk in the morning when it wasn't so hot before swimming lessons.

 Tee: The Crew Collective, Shorts: Pint Sized Wardrobe

After class we met up with Brie, Sully & Emmy {& later Nicole, Audrey, Leo  Henry} down at St. Patricks Island. Brie and I grabbed coffees and then went to play by the river and throw rocks. At one point Delainey, Ryder & Sully were all sitting in the water! It was so hot that they didn't care they were soaked for our picnic. It was so hot actually that he playgrounds were taped off and closed as they were too hot!

 Tee: The Crew Collective, Shorts: Portage and Main

After lunch duck watching!

Afternoon spent in the backyard. That is Ryder's COLD face!

Justin installed a phantom screen door at the front of the house and I LOVE it. It let's us get some great air flow and I just love having it open. 

Morning runs!

Little t-rex!

After our last swimming for the week we hit up Luke's Drug Mart for some soft serve. We had their vanilla & coconut charcoal swirl and the kids thought it was hilarious that it made their teeth black! {It really just tasted like vanilla to me} 

 Tees: Portage and Main, D shorts: Little Denim Patch, Headband: Landi Lou

Friday night Justin was out for the rehearsal dinner for Mark's wedding and then went out for drinks with the boys. I did my workout after the kids were in bed and then crawled into bed myself and caught up on the bachelorette.

Saturday morning we did our workout and then Justin was heading out for breakfast with all the BEST MEN and Mark. The kids and I hit up the Stampede Breakfast in our neighborhood but the line up was CRAZY! It spanned across 3 large parking lots - for pancakes?!! So we grabbed a snow cone! ha And Delainey went in 2 obstacle course jumping castles and then we found the juice bar, yogurt and bananas. Once we got home Delainey exclaimed "we forgot to get pancakes!!!" ha So she requested "Auntie Sandy's pancakes". (In Vernon Auntie Sandy made the kids pancakes with whipped cream and fruit every morning!}

 D's shorts & Ry's jeans: Little Denim Patch, Headband: The Baby Niche, Mocs: Posh Panda, Kimono: Urban Cowgirl {just tucked the sleeves up to make it a tank}

 I dropped the kids off for their sleepover with Gramma, came home and cleaned the house and then got myself ready for the wedding. 

We hid in the trees before the ceremony started because it was so hot {Riley Park}.

Mark chose all these guys to be his best men and the running joke when they were each introduced separately at the ceremony was they all met in Grade 7 at GP Vanier. 

 Feo, Aly, Rock, Case, Mark, Justin

 Stephie & Mark

 Dress: Pink Blush

More of the GP Vanier crew. We had such a fun night even though the Golf Course did not have great air conditioning and with all those people in one room it was toasty. But the food was amazing as was the company.

Sunday morning we picked the kids up and then played in the backyard until nap time. After naps we took Cruz for a swim in the river while we all dipped our toes in and threw rocks.

When we got home Justin left to go for a bike ride with Brian. So the kids and I had dinner and then ice cream in the sunshine before bed!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Way to go D! Avery does her first unparented lessons in Sept so I am hoping for the same outcome :)
Love your dress at the wedding!
Ice cream was a must this weekend - so hot but I cannot complain :)
You guys had an awesome first week of summer holidays!

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Love your dress for the wedding. I wondered what that ice cream tasted like as I have no idea what charcoal would taste like in ice cream!

Ashley said...

Glad she loving swimming!!! Noah cried his first unparented class and then it was smooth sailing and heck, now he is swimming on his own!!! Crazy how fast they learn!! We will do another session in the fall!! Love her tutu!! Sounds like a great first week of holidays!!!

Bex said...

Good job on the swimming Miss D! This looks like a fun week. Love your stampede outfit!