{week + end rewind - late}

Womp. We've had a busy week with Justin being off but I love having our days documented so this is late, very late but that's ok!

Monday was a very smokey day due to the fires in BC so we postponed our plans with Brie and got groceries and then went for a walk to a little lake for Cruz.

Monday night we had dinner at Debbie's for Crystal's birthday. He was all dressed and ready to go and I found him sitting and reading. So cute.

He's doing this silly head tilt all the time now.

Mocs: Posh Panda, Shorts: Finn & Grin, Bowtie: Love & Dapper

We also painted rocks and added eyes and then found special spots for them in the garden.

Tuesday we went to the eye doctor and played outside.

Headband: Landi Lou Co

Wednesday morning we went for a long morning walk and picked saskatoons that we found in the ravine. Every walk now we pick a few!

Tee: , Mocs: Posh Panda

That afternoon we met up with Whit, East and Fin for a picnic at the lake in their community. It was such an awesome afternoon and the kids had a blast! I couldn't keep Ryder out of the water and Delainey wanted to live buried in the sand!

He will hang on anything!!

She was laughing here I promise! :)

Thursday we headed down to the East Village for Tara's Top Knot Mommy Moms & Babes workout class with Brie, Sully & Emmy. It was a great workout and the kids had fun too! Afterwards we cooled off in the river, played at the park and had a picnic.

Romper: Tayin Threads

They are such sweet friends. 

That night I taught a packed house Surf class - my favorite!! But oh my, Tara's workout then teaching Surf about killed me! I was sore for days [and I am doing the same today!] 

Friday we met up with Brie, Sully and Emmy at Granary Road. I should do a full blog post on this as it's quite the place. Needless to say we had a blast and we were all exhausted afterwards!
The place is huge {36 Acres} and has so many different active learning parks including a petting zoo. Soon they will also have a market and restaurant on site too.

She would not go down this slide until Sully did and then she LOVED it and of course Ryder had to go on it multiple times too!

They also had freshly squeezed lemonade!

The only down wall is that it's a good 50 minutes away from us but well worth the drive! We can't wait to go back.

Saturday Justin went for a bike ride with Brian and Andrew and since Leigh was away we invited Amelia to spend the day with us. The kids had a blast and we were busy! Inside, outside and they even let me get a workout in in the basement! {We also had a visit with the sweetest puppy Ruby and her Mom Amber. Cruz was in heaven}

My lunch. Lucky me. ;)

That afternoon we did a few errands and explored the "castle" in the near by community.

Dress & Shirt: Little Heaven Designs

Romper: Eenvoudig Simply Unique, Moc boots: Posh Panda

That night Justin and I put up the lights in the backyard only to find out after we got them all up that one of the sockets doesn't work {we had to add all the bulbs after they were up} SO down they all came. 

Sunday morning we checked out EV Junction in the East Village - it's all these cute little shops in old shipping containers that they have transformed into shops. It was SO hot already so we agreed a popscicle was a good idea from Family Freezed.

Necklace: Nene and Bambino

They had an epic dance party afterwards and then we headed out before we melted!

I was meeting a bunch of the blog squad ladies for lunch because Leslie was in town {she moved to Texas a few months ago}. We had a great visit as always.

Ange, Laura, Leslie, Brie, Becky, myself - Leigh and Nicole were there too but we didn't think to take a photo until after they left.
While I was out, Justin and the kids got groceries for camping.
And I am certain we all crashed into bed after a busy weekend.

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Bex said...

Such a busy week for you guys! I love Delainey's little kimono. It was so great to see you, I just wish it was for longer!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You guys have too much fun! That is so cool with the shipping containers - I love that idea!
We are planning to get the Granary Road on holidays - I cannot wait, it looks awesome.
I agree - I do these posts to document as I love to look back :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

It's been so nice to see so much of you guys! ;)
I'm torn on doing a full post on Granary Road now, ha! :P
Are those outdoor lights the ones from Costco? We actually bought them last year but they seemed SO heavy duty for our little patio that we returned them. Although, I feel like the quality was good at least! How annoying that you had to take them back down!
I drove by those containers after last weeks workout and was wondering what it was!