{Vernon long weekend}

 Well here we are, back home, and I am finally sitting down to post this. We really had the best trip and I wish we could have stayed a few extra days. We had the greatest weather - it was HOT! The main reason for our trip was to spend time with Justin's family out there and have a small "final wiener roast" in the back country for Uncle Gary who passed away a month or so ago.
We left Calgary at 4:30am in hopes that the kids were still sleepy and would sleep. They were awake for a while but then both did fall asleep and were awake on and off due to construction stops. We stopped in Golden for breakfast and then continued on to Vernon. The kids were total troopers.

We got settled at Auntie Sandy's house and then checked out the new upgraded park behind their house. It's awesome and has a wood chips base instead of rocks like most parks in Calgary! We had a visit with cousin Tracy while the kids had lunch and then headed out to a few wineries and to grab a a couple groceries.

We made 2 stops - Gray Monk and Ex Nihilo as they are our favorites and we couldn't possibly be that close and not go! The kids were superstars and Delainey even sang and danced for the fellow wine tasters at Ex Nihilo.

 Dress: Finn & Grin

Family arrived from the states that afternoon so the rest of the Vernon gang came over for dinner to Auntie Sandy's too. The kids had fun playing and checking out Uncle Gary's tree house.

Justin went for a ride after dinner with Tye, his cousin's oldest son and they had a great time. The kids were NOT troopers going to bed. But after they finally went down and we got into bed Ryder woke up and that was the end of that. We were so exhausted that Ryder fell asleep on my chest in our bed and we didn't move until 4am when Delainey came in as she needed to go potty and then we were up for the day. Womp.

Friday morning Justin went for a ride with some local riders and had the best ride. So glad he was able to do that. And quite fitting I thought, as it was Uncle Gary who taught Justin to ride and bike and we were there to celebrate him.

After that we headed to the beach with cousin Eric and his 2 kids Andrew & Angie {twins}. We had the beach to ourselves and it's the most perfect spot. The water was so refreshing as it was HOT.

That afternoon we ALL took naps! Then we went to cousin Kirk & Erika's for dinner and a swim! The kids had so much fun on the trampoline and their pool all weekend. And thank goodness for that pool, as it was hot hot hot.

Saturday morning we headed out to a special spot that Uncle Gary loved. Their family would hike out there in the summer to camp or snow shoe there in the winter to camp. Justin and I had been out there twice with them before in previous summers. There was about 40 of us and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows before leaving a little bit of Uncle Gary behind before we left. It was the perfect afternoon.

 ^ Canada 150 Tee & Harems: Portage and Main

Making grass bracelets.

Canada 50 Leggings: Kristina Benson

 From there we headed back to Kirk & Erika's for dinner and lots of fun!

Sunday morning we met up with our family at Kangaroo Creek Farm, I have been wanting to go here for a few year now so I was pretty excited when I heard this was the plan!


Ryder wanted to hold, touch and feed everything, Delainey not so much.

Tip: Go early to beat the heat and line ups! We got there just after 9am {only $5 for adults at this time and kids were free}.

There was a giant field of full sized Kangaroos just hopping around and we could feed them.All of the animals were roaming free which I loved, nothing was in cages {except some little babies}. It was so cool - yet SO hot!

 Tee: Collab with Mountain Tots & Love Love North , Shorts & Dress: Finn & Grin

Kirk & Erika's property is incredible. So much space and it's just beautiful.

 Tee: Lake + Hill

They also have a field of daisies! So when Ryder was napping Delainey asked me if we could go pick flowers for Erika.

All the cousins!

We sadly had to say goodbye and make the trek home to Calgary once the kids woke up on Monday morning. We stopped in Golden again for lunch this time and the kids pretty much slept almost the entire drive. I don't think Delainey was feeling great as she had a really high fever when we got home but thankfully was fine Tuesday morning.

We were VERY excited to see Cruz when we got home! Thank you again Mom & Dad for having her, Auntie Amanda for bringing her home from the lake and Auntie Jolie for having her for a sleepover until we got home!!
Since being home Delainey has asked to go play with Chayse - one of the older cousins who was her and Ry's buddy while we were there. Wish everyone was closer but we will make sure to get back there next summer.

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Bex said...

Looks like a fantastic trip. I can't WAIT to go snuggle kangaroos next week!!

Leigh said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend in Vernon! Glad the drives went well!

Amber said...

That looks like an awesome little getaway! Love the okanagan and glad you fit in some winery visits while you were there :)

Rachel Steck said...

I'm glad you all had a great time AND you got to cuddle a baby kangaroo???? OMG that's amazing!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate the life of Justin's uncle. I'm sorry to hear about their loss, though. So tough to lose a family member.

That kangaroo place sounds awesome. Reminds me of my time in Australia when I studied abroad. We went to a couple of zoos that had friendly kangaroos and koalas, too. In their natural environment, kangaroos as actually really dangerous! I did not know that but right when we got to Australia, the study abroad program warned us from approaching them because they are so strong and could easily kill humans. But it was fun to watch them jumping across campus while in class!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun weekend minus the sleep fighters haha!! A baby kangaroo - how precious!!! Glad you got time away with family!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww just catching up now! Looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend! Sometimes I wish we had a big extended family like that!