We have a bird problem. A bird keeps eating Delainey's strawberries! So we have to be very quick and as soon as one is ripe we have to snatch it up before the birds get it. Thankfully she has enjoyed a few from her plant and just thinks the birds are rude for not asking permission!

Ryder was given this Kleynimals rattle to review and it's pretty darn cute. I like that it's made of 100% stainless steel and would probably feel nice on teething gums - plus it's dishwasher safe! It actually makes a nice sound rather than a really loud annoying rattle and features cute animals on it. 

I do think Ryder is a bit old for it as he hasn't shown much interest in it. We did request the key toy as I thought Ry would enjoy it more as it seems a bit more age appropriate but it couldn't be shipped to Canada for whatever reason but the rattle is quite similar with just smaller animals. Delainey has already declared that "Auntie Jolie & Uncle Jeff's baby will love it" so we will definitely share this with her in a few months!


I was contacted by the lovely ladies at Hairburst to give their "For New Mum" vitamins a try.

 It's a vitamin to help strengthen hair, assist with the regrowth, reduce breakage and encourage hair growth. Hair burst is 100% natural and drug free and contains a proven mix of ingredients such as Vitamin, A, B, C & D, Folic & Pantothenic Acids, Biotic & Collagen - all things your hair loves and needs.

I figure I have nothing to lose considering my hair was still falling out as bad as it was the week after Ryder was born and after a shower I pretty much turn our tile bathroom floor into a carpet! I've started them already and will definitely share my results in due time.

And lastly - have you tried these? I found them at our Walmart and have tried all 4 flavors and LOVE them. They are so delicious and pretty nutritious and also $2 off right now too. Perfect for when I need a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Fact: Justin will not like any of them.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I have seen but never tried those bowls!
Poor D - those darn birds!!!

Ashley said...

I wonder if you can net her strawberry plant to keep the bird out?
Wait Rewind... Jolie is prego?? Lol. I am soo behind on blog reading!! I will get on that!!

Bex said...

I love all of your outfits!

I've seen those bowls but have never tried them!