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 This month I was super excited to get my Frock Box {I honestly feel like I keep writing that...} I asked for a new stylist after last months flop box and also updated my Pinterest style board to help them out. I will say this box is better than last month but will also say I don't think it reflects my style board. I am trying not to be over analytical and picky but at the same time I feel after all these month they should sort of "know me better". But I understand you can't please everyone all the time and perhaps what they are loving for summer styles, I'm not and that's understandable too!
On to this months box:

Item 1: Half Colorblock Cocktail Dress - Small - $49
I immediately loved this dress. It's unique and fits me perfectly. Justin says it looks great and that I could wear it to work or out for dinner. I like the colors, style and full zipper detail.

 Verdict: I think I am keeping this one. Thoughts?

Item 2:  Sassy Belt Sleeveless Dress in Magenta - Small - $49
I immediately knew this was a no. It's too much pink for me and I am not a huge bird print fan. It does have a cute little zipper detail and I love the contrasting blue with the pink but it just isn't me.

Verdict: Return

Item 3: Floral Print Top with Lace Sleeves - Small - $49
Item 4: EJ Cropped Ankle Pants in Mint - Size 5 - $59
I already own mint skinny jeans so I knew these were going to be a no. I really wish they were the darker green skinny jeans I tried on during my CTV feature with Frock Box because I LOVED those and they fit me to a tee. 
These are cuffed at the ankles and have cute stitching detail on the bum and are super soft but I also didn't think they fit me great. They were a bit tight in the thighs and perhaps a little long for my frame.

I love the floral of this shirt, the colors and pattern are beautiful {I know I am picky} but I didn't love this lace {and I love lace!} but I feel for a $50 tee I have to be picky. I did love the style and fit for sure but just not the combo together on this one.

Verdict: Return & Return

Item 5: Floral Print Open Front Cropped Jacket in Navy - Small - $59
I do love this jacket. Jenna was wearing the same one in a different print at the CTV feature and I loved it on her. I adore the floral, the cut, it's unique, has cute ruching on the sleeve and I think it would be very versatile - would go with jeans, shorts, over a dress... I am just not 100% sold yet... thoughts?

 Verdict: Undecided on this one. 

So there we have it! Another box. I was really hoping to love all 5 pieces because they had a great deal going on in July that you could keep all 5 items for $150 to celebrate Canada's 150 but that didn't happen unfortunately.

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Murdock's mama said...

I would keep the 1st dress & the jacket. I LOVE that floral shirt, except the sleeves -- such a bummer!! :(

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I keep saying the same thing too but have not got my lucky box yet! Maybe I need to know what you tell them lol.
I LOVE that first dress!I got the perfect pair of olive green pants in a box and when I washed them they went all funny so I threw them out - I was so sad though they were great and refunded me :)
I love the jacket - I have the same one in a couple colours and love it.

Bex said...

Love that first dress and jeans (I also have mint skinny jeans, haha). I think you should keep that jacket. It's super cute and I love how you have it styled.

Angela Williams said...

Your box was WAY better than mine. Mine was a disaster. Like, not even the sizing was right, so it got shipped back and I cancelled because this shouldn't be more work than me going to the store.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

UPDATE - Mine was horrible!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think you should keep the dress! It's really cute and looks great on you. Bummer that this box was disappointing, though. I have friends that have had such great luck with Stitch Fix in the US but I gave up on them because I had a string of boxes that were total misses.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I actually love all these pieces! Haha! The first dress for sure. I think the second is so cute, but understand if it's not your colour/print preference, but looks great on you! I also think the t-shirt is cute, but I agree - for that price you better love it! And the jacket is super cute too - would work for work as well!