{Camping: A trial run}

Hashtag: we need a bigger vehicle.

Justin was off last week and we had a few things we wanted to do on our "staycation". First thing was camping for ONE night to give it a try.
We headed out Monday morning for Kinbrook Island Provincial Park just outside of Brooks {2 hours away}. The camp ground we usually go to had a fire ban and camping just isn't camping for us without a campfire. 

We arrived and immediately set up the tent and got settled before heading to the beach. We had a beautiful camp site with lots of trees and some shade.

The kids were pretty excited about sleeping in the tent. I was suspecting zero sleep.

We had a blast at the beach. Cruz wasn't allowed on the sand so we played over at the boat launch with her and then found a spot right at the end of the beach where Cruz could be with us in the shade just not right on the sand.

Boat launch

The water was a beautiful temperature and Ryder LOVED playing in it. The only downfall was it's a pebble beach and out feet were so sore by the end of it.

Delainey was happy making castles and collecting rocks.

We got back to our site in time to make a fire, have a few chips and start getting dinner ready.

Helping Dad cook hotdogs.

After dinner we took a trip to the playground right near our site. 

Then it was s'mores time before bed!

We put both kids in a sleepsac on either side of the tent. It took them just over an hour to fall asleep with 3 visits from us. ;) It was quite comical listening to them chat and Delainey scold Ryder. :) Ry didn't scream much and they disturb our neighbors so it definitely went better than I expected!

We were one of the only tents, it was a little crazy. Everyone was in huge trailers and went inside around 9pm.

There was a lake right over the trees behind our tent .

Cruz is a great camping dog. As long as she has her bed she is happy and really loves snuggling in the tent. I found her between Ry and I most of the night!

This is how we found them. So cute - Ryder was using Delainey as a pillow! They didn't really wake up when we came in with Cruz and then Delainey wasn't up until around 6am to use the potty. Momo came with us so they had to wait until Momo woke up before we could get out of the tent {7am}.

Both Justin and I were so hot in the night but I think the kids were the perfect temperature as they didn't have a big sleeping bag like us.

We made pancakes and sausage rounds for breakfast - we forgot a flipper and a measuring cup but managed. 

Overall we'd do it again for more than 1 night. But not more than 2. :) ha ha We also need a bit bigger of a tent. But we had a blast and Delainey is already asking to go camping again.

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Bex said...

Looks like a successful trip. Did you guys have two tents or just one for all of you? I've never tented in my life outside of my backyard as a kid, haha BUT I'd love to backyard camp with Liam this summer.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

We are thinking of trying one night but in the yard! LOL. Maybe next summer when C is older but this year I fear she would be a pain in the you know what ;) I never grew up camping but would like to do some with our kids.

Sawalter said...

We just went to Little Elbow and its a wonderful campground, and a super fast drive to get there. Were the kiddos on an air mattress? We brought our pack and play but he ended up in bed with us. We got a Marmot 8 person tent, love it! You should check it out.

Rachel Steck said...

That sounds like fun!

Stacy said...

We tried camping with the kids...and came home in the middle of the night...we aren't tent people! I love the whole camping idea but with a trailer to sleep in thanks!! Looks like it was a fun time. I was thinking you left Ryder behind by the first pic of your car. LOL.

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I love everything about this! I so badly want to camp on our land...but I have no equipment and it does seem like a lot of work with the kiddos. Such sweet memories though! Your babes are growing so fast. :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

You guys did awesome!! Looks like so much fun! Love the beach near by. It kinda bugs me that so few people seem to tent camp anymore...I get the appeal of having somewhere warmer to sleep at night, but tenting is what builds character!! Haha! Two nights is perfect - because I'm sure you realized it's a lot of work (packing, set up and take down) just for one night! Our last trip I could have done a third night, but that's because my friend had a trailer and could make real coffee ;)

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Sounds and looks like you had fun!!! I can't wait till our kiddos are a little older to go camping. Next year they will be 2 and 4, so maybe we will attempt 1 night of camping next summer, lol.

Amber said...

So fun!! Until we got our little trailer I didn't like camping for more than 2 nights. We are going for 5 nights in a couple of weeks, so we'll see how that goes. My main reason for not liking to go more than 2 nights before though is because I didn't sleep well in the tent but our trailer has a super comfy bed. I think next year we might try to upgrade to a bigger trailer with a bathroom though, but still not huge. Our current trailer is only 12 feet long and I wouldn't want one longer than 18 - 20 feet. I just don't believe it's reallly "camping" with those huge 30 foot trailers :P