{week + end rewind)

So it's a little late! :)
Last week was a busy one but also a great one. Lily was with us Monday-Thursday and Delainey was over the moon. She had to get her emotions in check a few times and just couldn't keep herself together. She is emotional as it is and last week she was at an all time high bubbling with too much excitement. Gosh I love her but oh my word. Justin was giving me the bugged eyed look after being home 20 minutes most days! ha
I worked Monday & Tuesday but we enjoyed walks with Lil and backyard time too. Pretty sure Lily was glad the kids go to bed at 7pm!

Wednesday we dropped Ry off with Gramma and Lil off at school. Made a pit stop at this amazing wall and then we had a date at Injanation with her preschool class as a wrap up party.

We had a blast together on the trampolines and in the pits. She surprised me and jumped in to the pit from the "high diving board". You could tell she was doing it just to follow along with the boys who were doing it and then clearly regretted her decision on the way down. She told me she will NEVER do that again! ha

Thursday we dropped Lily off at school and then said goodbye until next time. 

We headed to our last gymnastics class after that which was a big obstacle course that we got to go through together and it was cute watching Ry copy Delainey and try and keep up. He also got to spend a lot of time in the pit!

Getting their medals. 

Little dancer. I have her registered for ballet for the fall and she is SO ready!

Hoodie: Mountain Tots, Socks: Koowawa, Clip: The Baby Niche

How perfect is her sound of music pose!?

And then there is Ryder. ;)

Friday was a beautiful day and we had zero plans and no where to go which was so nice.

We were sent these new lil' shakes from our friends at Love Child Organics and they were the perfect addition to our snack picnic lunch. They are Canada's first food based organic shake for kids {ideal for kids ages 1-10}. They are made with real whole milk, contain fruits and vegetables and zero artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. For more info click here!

Ryder had vanilla and Delainey had chocolate and they both were actually delicious {I tried them} and they loved them. Delainey asked for another after her nap even {and yes she actually napped}!
You can get $2 off a 4 pack at Snugglebugz using code LoveChild Ped until the end of August. I also just recently found them at Superstore and picked some up for our upcoming road trip!

Also use the code LoveChildBA for 15% off all pouches at Snugglebugz too until the end of July.
Other than LCO products being created with the cleanest possible organic products I love that everything actually tastes delicious. I would eat their pouches and all the snacks too so it's not wonder the kids love it.

After naps we headed over to the community over {where Jeff and Jolie live!} to try and track down a new walking spot. We can always see this pond driving so I just needed to figure out where to could park so we could walk to it. We found a great spot and the kids can walk the whole way until we get to a nice little pond for Cruz and lucky enough there is a great rock pile on the walk too. Plus is so super pretty!

Dress: Little Heaven Designs, Bow: Love and Dapper, Monster Socks: Koowawa

Tee: Live Love North, Hat, The Crew Collective, Puppy Socks: Koowawa, Shorts: Finn & Grin

Always dancing and singing!

Saturday morning Justin headed out for a bike ride and then had a stag all afternoon/night so the kids and I got ready for our play date with Lindsey {Avery & Chloe}, Leigh {Amelia & Gabriel}, Brie {Sully & Emmy} and Nicole {Audrey, Leo & Henry} at our house. Ange was all ready to join us but she was busy getting ready to kill it in her first triathlon!

Brie, Lindsey and I planned a potluck style lunch for everyone and to celebrate the new babies Gabriel & Henry.

The cupcakes Brie brought were a hit!

The kids had a great time playing and eating {the weather definitely cooperated} and us ladies had a great time catching up too! Plus I got to snuggle 3 babies!! Heaven.
Thank you again to Lindsey for driving from Red Deer with 2 kids to visit with us for the morning!

Both kids had awesome naps and then we went to the pond for a walk again - I see us there a lot this summer!

Jeff messaged me earlier that day asking if we had plans so him and Jolie treated us and brought dinner over. We enjoyed the sun in the backyard before dinner and the kids were SO excited to have them over as always. Shirtless like Uncle Jeff, he also wanted his beer!

Sunday Justin ran an errand in the morning with Ry so Delainey and I did our nails. :)
That afternoon I had a quick appointment with my cousin Amanda and she could tone my hair to darken it up again. 
As soon as I got home we had to get ready for our early anniversary dinner. Gramma Debbie was kind enough to come over and have dinner with the kiddos and we went to NotaBLE for dinner. I am still dreaming the mashed potatoes. And then being the smart husband that he is, Justin took me to Lic's for ice cream afterwards. {PS. We ordered the same size cone! Apparently the scooper liked Justin more!}

Romper: Frock Box last fall

The blog will be a little quiet for the next week. We are leaving bright and early for our "field trip" to Vernon as Delainey calls it but I'll be back to recap our trip as soon as I can.
Have a great long weekend and Happy Canada day!

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Rachel Steck said...

Have a great 'field trip'!

Bex said...

I'm going to have to look for those shakes for Liam. He loves smoothies and chocolate milk so he'd probably love these shakes. Will be great for our road trip too!

I was so bummed I couldn't join on the weekend. :(

Have a great little holiday!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Hope you guys have a great holiday!!
I will have to look for those shakes for Avery - poor C will have to miss out though.
I was more than happy to make the drive to see you ladies and meet the new babies - new you for hosting, I hope you did not have too much clean up!

Leigh said...

I bet D was in heaven having Lily at your house! Thanks again for having us all over. It was fun! Hope you guys have a great trip :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like soo much fun!! Glad you guys all got together!!! I'm sure the kids loved it!!