{week + end rewind}

It's been an awesome couple of days - great weather, family time, you name it. I am definitely counting down the days until I am off for the summer with my 3 cuties. I just wish we could somehow wrangle Justin to be off all summer too!
When the weather is this nice after work we put swim suits on after our walk - at least that's what Delainey thinks we should do!

Wednesday morning Delainey had her preschool graduation. Myself, Ry, Daddy and Gramma were able to go watch her sing some songs and have snacks with her friends. She actually sang quite a bit this time around and was obviously the cutest thing. 

I can't say enough about her teachers. They are just incredible and sent us home with 2 of the most beautiful scrapbooks of photos and her art. We are will miss them next year for sure but told them they best still be around when Ryder is preschool age!

Wednesday was also the New Heights grad at my work so I was there all afternoon and evening setting up and then for the dinner. It was a really incredible night. I'll share some photos later this week.

We had gymnastics Thursday morning and then met up with Whit, East, Fin & Willa at Edworthy Park for a play date and picnic. The kids had a blast playing a multitude of make believe games and park hopping.

Post nap walk.

Shorts: Indie Kids

Friday morning Delainey had preschool and then we went for an extra long walk to a different play ground. Ryder is so cute running around and trying to keep up with D. Cruz loves this park as she can crib around a lot with this as long as we have it to ourselves. She also gets to have a dip in the pond when we visit this park. ;)

Puppy socks: Koowawa

Ryder was being a total grump {for most of the day!} and didn't want to walk or go in the stroller. Fun times. But smiles for Delainey of course.

Saturday Justin had to work so the kids and I went to check out the Curated market. We wanted to finally meet Ann who makes all the kids leggings from Simply Love and a few other vendors. Delainey was so excited to see so many of HER pants on the table! We also picked up a pair of itty bitty ones for Baby MacPhee so he/she can match the kids in the ones they are wearing below!

"Rock!" Every time.

Tees & hat: The Crew Collective 
We are new brand reps for this awesome Calgary shop so you'll be seeing more from them! Be sure to check them out - they have the best tees and I obsessed with Ryder's hat. I think the whole family needs one. :)

Headband: Landi Lou Co {they were at the market too and D was spoiled with another headband!} Leggings: Simply Love

We picked up a delicious cupcake parfait and ate it by the river and threw rocks. Ryder was more into the rocks than the cupcake, Delainey was totally ok with this. :) On the drive home Delainey told me that we shouldn't tell Cruz we went to the river cause she might be jealous. :) And that we MUST make sure she comes next time because she always comes to the river with us!

When Daddy got home Delainey requested a bike ride to another different park. So off we went, she rode the whole way and all the way home! Afterwards it was play time in the backyard while Justin BBQ'd us ribs for dinner.

Sunday morning Justin headed out with a buddy for a Father's Day bike ride. When he got home we headed out to Canmore for some bike park fun. Delainey has been asking to go back since we went last time so she was pretty darn excited.

She did so well. She rode the whole time, coasting down the hills like a pro. 

Ryder was content doing a few laps and then spotted the rocks and sticks and it was game over.

Our little mountain baby.

We came home just in time to get dinner ready and Facetime with Ma & Pa. We had a yummy dinner of steak and crab and lucky for Justin had to pretty much BBQ his own Father's Day dinner. 
This was Delainey's cute preschool craft for Father's Day!  :)

She chose the strawberry headband to "match " her strawberry plant {she is so excited her berries are turning red}! These headbands are great especially because she always wants her hair down but I want the hair out of her face!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Does D have Ry on a leash?! ;) I need to try that lol.
I will have to check out that show on IG - not sure I follow them, just what I need - more cute clothes to buy ;)
I make Avery wear her hair back these days so she would prefer it down but it gets soo knotty down somehow.
You guys had a great weekend, we got too spoiled!
PS Love her Father's Day crafts!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I wish Jim had summers off too! Wouldn't that be so nice?! I shoulda married a teacher! ;)
Is D not going to the same preschool? (I thought she was...or do you already know she'll have different teachers...?)
Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Steak and crab for dinner sounds amazing!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love Ryder's obsession with rocks - too cute. You guys live in such a gorgeous area! I mean Minneapolis is beautiful and we have lots of lakes but there's nothing like the beauty of mountainous areas in my opinion!!