{week + end rewind}

This weekend went by far too quickly but as always it seems it was a great one. Rewinding back...Monday night I snuck out to a Surf class myself. We had some great weather days so we of course had lovely walks, played on the driveway and rode bikes with some of the neighbors after dinner. Have I mentioned I am so excited for summer!

Shirt: Live Love North, Shorts: Finn & Grin 

Clip: Cloth Crowns, Her favorite dress ever: Walmart {last year}

Thursday we had gymnastics and then stopped at Bowness Park for a snack picnic and a little walk before grabbing groceries.

At gymnastics Coach Rob told me that Delainey is one of the most polite and caring kids he has taught in a long time. Proud mom moment.
Ryder's coach on the other hand said "you must sleep well at night!" and suggested we build a foam pit in our basement. :)

His Romper: 3littleiits from last summer, Her Bodysuit: Vi&Jax Shorts: Goose Loves Lamb

Much to Delainey's dismay, Ryder practicing his handstand progression everywhere!
"Ryder do you hear the words that are coming out of my mouth?! This is not a good spot to do nastics!" Bossy much?

For dinner we hit up the Food Truck Rally in the neighborhood next to ours. We went with the truck with the shortest line {because most lines were HUGE!} so had pizza that was delicious! And Delainey chose a Pink Lemonade ice pop from Family Freezed as a treat instead of waiting in the giant line for bouncy castles {or mini donuts!} It was so tasty we will definitely be watching for more opportunities for these this summer. The kids got balloons and saw Olaf, a Minion and Chase from Paw Patrol. We made it home in time to put them to bed right before the craziest storm!

Ice cream clip: Cloth Crowns

Friday Delainey had preschool so I gave this guy a hair cut before his nap and he even sat still for a photo!

We went to Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jolie's house for a delicious dinner and a great visit!

Saturday we had a quiet morning at home as it was raining. Delainey and I did some baking for Gramma's birthday and her preschool graduation. 
Rainbow cookies and confetti shortbread.

While Ryder {& Daddy} napped Delainey and I headed out to the Little Modern Market and then to paint pottery. We had fun visiting with some of our favorite shop owners and doing a little shopping ourselves. 
Delainey picked this cupcake mug to paint for her hot chocolate and was serious business throughout. She did compliment me on my painting skills and asked if I had been practicing while she was in bed. :) She's the cutest and I love some one on one time with her.

When we got home she wanted to go jump in puddles and look for worms but that was short lived as it was so windy that it was pulling her down the street and it freaked her right out. I always already carrying Ryder at that point and holding on the Cruz so the short walk home was fun!

Her loot from the market:

Headband: Landi Lou Co, Clips: The Baby Niche, Sprinkles: The Sparkling Pantry,  Purse: From the Seeds via Little Blue Canoe, Shirt: Jacob Grace Designs {won this!}

Delainey also picked out these macaroons from Filigree Pastries for our dessert and they were so delicious {and adorable}! 

Sunday Brian came over to watch a World Cup bike race with Justin so they kids and I made muffins and did some cleaning. 
Then Delainey wanted to go for a bike ride so we hit up the ravine before lunch. Ryder is getting so good on his bike. He sits and pushes now so I think Justin will have to put his seat back on instead of the pool noodle and also put a new seat on for D as she getting too tall!

Our friend Kelly from The Happiest Collection gave Delainey this purse and she is just smitten with it. She was putting all her little treasure in it from the market and then adding to it at home.  I love hoe she picks out an outfit for dinner now. Almost always a dress but I was wearing a skirt and tank top so she said she wanted to also. :)

Skirt: Portage and Main, Tank: Gilby's Threads {her shop is closing check out her remaining marked down stock!}

We had dinner for Gramma Debbie Sunday night and it was the perfect night to be in the backyard. The kids all had fun playing , Justin BBQ'd dinner and we had a great visit. 

Justin and I watched a few episodes of Life in Pieces {as we do most nights now!} and then called it a night.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I just ordered a dress from Finn and Grinn -we won an IG contest!
Too funny and sweet about the gymnastics coaches!
I love Landi Lou headbands! C has a few too, way too cute and comfy :) I NEED to come for a little modern market one time.

Bex said...

Haha, too funny about your kids and gymnastics. I love the photo of Ryder trying to headstand. Looks like you guys had a great week/weekend.
PS I'm pretty sure I need one of those unicorn macarons!

Ashley said...

Love her umbrella!! That's soo funny about gymnastics. I wish we had a better experience with ours here :( I am also really looking forward to summer!! Those cookies look fun!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those rainbow cookies are so fun! I've never seen cookies like that! Sounds like your summer is off to a wonderful start! What a great compliment to get about Delainey at gymnastics!! :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Hahaha @ the gymnastic coach comments! I miss class with you guys :( I always say I'm going to check out that market and then never do - great loot! I LOVE that D changes for dinner! That's so sweet.