{week + end rewind}

Well it's been one heck of a weekend and we can't complain about the week before either. Monday was Cruzie's birthday so we had ice cream in the back of the Xterra in our jammies. 
The kids waiting for Justin to return with the treats!

Tuesday Delainey and went to watch Emerson's ballet recital. Delainey loved it! She clapped like crazy after each piece and didn't ask when it was over at all {1.5 hours almost} even though we only stayed until Intermission. Emerson's piece was as cute as ever and she did so great!
She also inspired Delainey and she danced all the way back to the truck!

For about a month now Delainey has been asking to take ballet and we "pretend" to do ballet together all the time. She so cute. We hope to get her into a dance class this fall.

While we were gone Daddy and Ryder went to the park together!

Wednesday we met up with my girlfriends Julia and Krista with their kids Hayden, Charlie and Frankie for some zoo time. It was a hot day but we had a ton of fun seeing the animals and having a picnic.

It cooled down in the afternoon so it was a great temperate for our walk. 
Lots of dandelions to blow along the way make for a slow walk!

tee: Mo Green, shorts: Finn & Grin

Thursday we had gymnastics and it was bring a friends day so we invited cousin Nixon. I think the two had fun together for sure and Ryder may have been jealous of them since he had to play with me!

From there we went to Leigh's for a play date with her and Amelia and Brie, Sully and Emmy. It was a beautiful day so had fun in the backyard and had a potluck picnic. 

Posers. ;) They are too funny. 

Ryder tee: Wolf Pup Threads, Sunglasses: Babiators Canada

Friday Delainey had preschool in the morning so Ryder and I took a quick trip to Costco and got organized for the lake. Justin left work at lunch and as soon as he got home we packed up and head out.
A bike ride before dinner. Ryder takes off on his own now and often doesn't want to ride as long as Delainey does.

Lots of play time and books with Ma & Pa.

Photo op in our matching Happiest at the lake gear!

All our tops & Cruz's bandana: The Happiest Collection, my leggings: Inner Fire, kids leggings: Simply Love

Breakfast on the deck.

Mom and Dad have a new addition this year - a hot tub! It's pretty great and the kids loved it too.

Boat rides are a huge hit! Out little co-pilot.

Clearly Delainey loves them. :)

Throwing rocks and playing in the little bit of sand we have is also their favorite.

Taking a ride with Daddy!

One last boat ride for the kids while we packed up and headed back to Calgary. 

We most definitely didn't want to leave and wish the lake was just a wee bit closer! Both ways for the drive the kids had awesome naps {I may have too!} and were so good. We got home in time to clean up and bath the kids before dinner.

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Rachel Steck said...

Looks like so much fun! How long does it take you to get to the lake from your home?

Bex said...

Sounds like a perfect week/weekend!! I love seeing Ryder in Liam's old sloth shorts!! And I think that might be Liam's Wheat anchor shirt too (did you get it from Brie)??? Either way, best dressed family awards go to you guys for sure.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Awe that a fun weekend and the weather was so good for it too! I love hot tubs - best part of a swimming pool ;)
Avery is asking to go in tap now - I am scared after her ballet did not go so hot to try again but her preschool is at the dance studio so that might help too.

Leigh said...

Love the pictures of D dancing back to the car after the recital- so cute! Glad you guys had a great time at the lake!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like you have a future ballerina on your hands! Her outfit for the recital was so cute! You have the best dressed kids! Your pics from the lake look great, too! I can't wait to spend my first summer weekend there next weekend for Father's Day!! I'm trying to get there more this summer as my sister and her husband are living in the midwest this summer for her husband's military job so they are at the lake nearly every weekend! So lake time + sister time needs to be maximized!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun week and weekend end!!! The hot tub sounds like the perfect addition for the lake! We are headed to the lake for the first time this weekend as well!! Maggie's first swim!! Haha

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aw love all the lake photos! I know I've asked you before, but how long does it take you to get out to the lake? I can't wait to see all the photos of D in her ballet attire! ;)