TWO: the number of outfit photos I have taken in the last week. Slacking.

FIVE: the number of graduates we had this year at school. 
We went with the theme ADVENTURE and it was a ton of fun to plan and it truly all came together last minute. We have a seriously talented crew of staff who not only are the best at their job but incredibly creative and hard working. A few photos I took.

I love this photo of all the grads feet. They are all such unique students and their footwear/sock choice is so them.

I seriously love my job so much. But FOUR: the numbers of days left of work before summer break!

FOURTEEN: the number of days until we find out if we are having a new niece or nephew join our family. SO excited.

THREE: the number of nights Lily is sleeping over this week. Delainey is on cloud NINE.

FOUR: the number of days will be spent with family in Vernon for the long weekend. Not enough,

SEVEN: the number of hours it will take us to drive to Vernon each way. Lord help us.

ONE HUNDRED: the number of  times I cursed doing the new workouts from Shaun Week. I was confused with another program coming out and they were not all TWENTY FIVE minutes. Holy heck they were hard but I honestly feel so good after a week of new workouts!

SEVEN: the number of days until our EIGHTH anniversary.

NINE: the approximate number of episodes we watched this weekend of Life in Pieces. They are only TWENTY FIVE minute episodes and SO funny.

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Bex said...

Love the photos from the graduation ceremony. Such a great theme idea!
I'm going to have to start Life In Pieces!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That grad party looked awesome!
So jealous of summer break for you but well deserved!
We drove 11 hours to see my Mother in Law when A was 18 months and it went better than planned so I hope it does for you guys too! Next summer we are taking a three week road trip OY.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Yay - you're in the home stretch now!! I know you love your job, but summer off is nice too! ;)

We talked about doing a BC road trip this summer, but we've decided it's too hard with a baby...too many stops to nurse, then diaper changes, etc. And nothing entertains them in the carseat for very long and we can't very well expect her to sleep the whole time lol. I don't know how people with babies do long road trips! Vernon will be nice though! I'm sure 7 hours will be easy with one stop :)

Ashley said...

Sooo is it a boy or girl? Hahah Now that I am just getting the news - it should have been about 14 days haha, you must be thrilled!!!
Love life in pieces!!