{Frock Box Flop}


Happy Monday -  I almost didn't post this but I like to keep it real and honest with my reviews. I will start by saying, as I have said before I think Frock Box is an awesome service. And I know it must be impossible to please all their subscribers every month - but this box was a total flop. 
Since my last box I have tried to be really active on their Facebook and Instagram commenting if I love something and I've seen some great pieces so I was quite excited for this months box. 

Along with my feedback from my last box I sent my stylist some tips telling her that I am loving cold shoulder & off the shoulder dresses and top and I requested dresses and tops for summer. My profile says I like bright, colorful pretty pieces and please don't send me anything black. 

Don't mind my fresh face an wet hair, like I said, I wasn't going to post this.

Item 1: Hot Dame Galaxy Leggings - $79
I love this Canadian company and their leggings are great quality and super comfortable {made in the same place as Kristina Benson ones actually - Ange figured that out!}
BUT these are SO not me. The fit was perfect and they are high waisted which I love but galaxy print loving I am not.

Verdict: Return

Item 2: Dollman Sleeved Sweater - $49
When I pulled this one out I was quite confused as to why they sent me a sweater in June. Plus the style isn't very flattering.

I don't even know.
Verdict: Return

Open Shoulder Top - $44
I liked this top. It's great style but it was almost see through so I would have to wear a tank top under it which is fine but the sleeves were SO tight. So the fit just wasn't right, I would need a size up in the arms but then I think the body would be huge. I also think it would be much better in a different color.

Verdict: Return

Item 4: Super Hero Mommy Graphic Tank Top - $34
It's a cute black tank and great for a Mom. It was really long on me and I really just don't need another graphic tank top unless I really love it. 

Verdict: I may buy this to give it as a gift as I did think of someone when I initially saw it.

Item 5: Lightweight Knit Dolman Cocoon Wrap Cardigan - $49
This is a pretty color but quite big on me so not flattering at all.

Verdict: Return

So there you have it. 2 sweaters in June, a black tank top and not one dress or summery top. Womp. I have requested a new stylist and I cringed doing that but I just feel this one doesn't get me. I will also pin a bunch of new items to my Pinterest and share that with my new stylist as well.
SO I am giving it one more month and then I may have to say goodbye to Frock Box for a while again.

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Bex said...

I kind of dig those galaxy tights haha but that first sweater? What even.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

That was my last box and I meant to cancel for this month and forgot so they get one more month. I agree it is a great service but I feel like they rarely look into the comments. I have yet to receive what I ask for :(

Angela Williams said...

Oh man, what a bummer.
My first box back was pretty good, and I made sure to give comments on the fit/colours of the pieces, so we'll see what happens with my next box.
Too bad we aren't the same size, because I'd tell you to send those leggings my way. Haha.

Amber said...

I really liked my first couple boxes but then it just went downhill from there. I ended up cancelling around Christmas time because my box was sooo late that month and also didn't have anything in it I liked. I agree, that is a strange box for you. Especially based on the comments you gave them!!

Erin Rooney said...

I had tried this because of your reviews last year (or was it the year before now). They somehow thought I was an xxl, which took two tries to fix, and I also didn't receive anything that I would wear, and the feedback I gave didn't seem to make a difference. I did end up with two pieces through the whole process of 3 or 4 months, but I haven't found that they are able to spend the time curating the items like they say.

Carissa said...

My experience has been similar. I took a break for a couple months and just started getting them again but this month I think was the worse. Items I said I didn't want, wrong fits, and 2 sizes too big. I'll give it another box or two then my call it quits. Maybe they're having an off month?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh man, that was a total flop! I had a similar experience with the US version of this, Stitch Fix. I felt like the stylist never read my feedback and would send me the most random things - like light/thin dresses in the dead of winter.... I gave them several tries and then gave up. I was bummed because I really do not love shopping but I like getting new things occasionally so Stitch Fix seemed like it should work for me.

Leigh said...

Oh man, that box was definitely disappointing! That second top is strange! Hopefully another stylist will make the difference (but who would like that top?!)