pumped that we are heading out to the lake this weekend!
I wish it was for more than just the weekend but Jeff and Jolie are coming too so I know we'll have a great time. Delainey is over the moon excited!

drinking this Blackbird Cold Brew. It's kind of dangerous that one of the owners works with me! I also picked a bottle up for both of Delainey's preschool teachers. Wine & iced coffee seems like the perfect year end gift to me.

excited that I have only 11 days left of work!!! June is a busy month but thinking it will fly by. The kids are at such a fun age together I am so excited for summer break with them!

obsessed with these shoes from Old Navy for the kids. I only buy shoes that I let Delainey pick out herself and she chose these and then we let Ry point the color he wanted. ;) They are cheap versions of Natives which I bought Delainey a pair of last year and she would not wear - go figure!
They are sold of out their colors but they are perfect for summer - easy to clean and for getting wet.

appreciating Delainey's excitement for the little things. She loves rainbows right now and loves coloring them and seeing them. So when we spotted this wall near Justin's work it's all she talked about. She drew her own just like it for 2 days - so we finally stopped at it after we picked Justin up one day.

dress Wee Urban

loving Avon Gel Nail Polish. It's the only polish I will buy and use now. It stays on really well and it nice and thick with just one coat. It's quite reasonable priced and now they just need to come out with more color options!

thinking about baby showers! I LOVE planning showers/parties and get to help plan/host one for my girlfriend Nicole who is due with her first little guy in August and then I'll host one for Jolie too!

crafting is Delainey's middle name. She always wants to be coloring, painting or wants a craft! Here are some of her latest from preschool.

wearing mainly capris and long skirts as I have crazy guttate psoriasis all over me but it's really bad on my one leg. Long story, I had it in jr high and then it returned about 3 weeks ago after I had untreated strep throat. It's quite rare and more of a nuisance than anything and looks awful. Please go away!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I have been wanting to try that cold brew - they sell it at a place here now!
Okay I need to try that nail polish, mine is forever chipping - I was thinking of getting another gel polish pedicure since last time it last 8 weeks.
D is so good at crafts! Can she teach Avery? A is anti-craft these days unless it is painting or cutting, colouring is like torture. Sigh.
I hope you psoriasis coes away!
Enjoy your lake weekend!

Bex said...

Enjoy your weekend at the lake!! I love that Cold Brew, I need to pick some up now that summer is here again. I wish Liam would make crafts!! He just wants to tape scraps of paper together and call it an airplane or something. It's not cute lol

Nikki said...

Those shoes are great for the kids aren't they! My brother has psoriasis and hates it as well. Good luck treating it!

Rachel Steck said...

Love Delainey's art work!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

So I got behind on blogs between the wedding and honeymoon so must have missed the post when you shared that Jolie is expecting! Oh my gosh, how exciting!!! Congrats to her and Jeff! How fun to have a new niece or nephew on the way!!

I'm impressed by D's art! She is one crafty little lady!


Leigh said...

Not many work days left for you! Excited? I looked on Old Navy's website after Amelia put on D's shoes, but no luck in her size. Luckily I got her to wear her shoes that are similar!