{Back on the Frock Box train}


I decided to get back on the Frock Box train for a couple of months. I had a great time working with the team for a CTV feature a month back and after a closet purge thought I could add a few new pieces for spring/summer/fall if the boxes provided me with that! 

I love that Frock Box is posting more pieces on Facebook and Instagram and you can comment on the photos and say you'd love to see these certain items in your upcoming boxes! I've already commented on a few items so hopefully I see one or two of them in my next box!

I created a new profile as it had been a while since I last received a box. Previously I only requested dresses, tops and skirts but I decided to open it up to footwear & bottoms as well since I love the shoes & black crops I got from the CTV feature along with some other colored denim pants I tried on for that segment too. I said I love floral, bright, bold colors, items that would work for both work and out and about with the kids and no black please. :)

Item 1: Sleeveless Floral Dress - $49 - Small
I immediately didn't love this print. The dress itself is cute, is a perfect fit and would be great for work as it's a nice length and the fabric is very soft and slinky so it falls perfectly. The colors are great for spring but it's just not me. 

 The straps are twisted along the shoulders which is a cute touch and has a little tie string belt.

Verdict: Return

Item 2: Sleeveless Floral Print Dress - $49 - Small
I did like this dress and it fit well. It has a cute ruffle along the bottom that I liked and it's a pretty floral I just didn't love it. It was a bit of an awkward length on me and I just knew I wouldn't reach for it in my closet and I kind of felt like I was wearing a night gown.

 Verdict: Return

Item 3: Cropped Floral Pants - $49 - Small
 I love the pattern of these pants! The navy with the pink is so pretty and I wanted to love them but I just didn't love the style on me. They are are a bit too long so looked awkward {and I didn't like how the pockets gaped}, I think if they didn't have pockets it would have been a sleeker more polished look.

 Verdict: Return

Item 4: Pink Waterfall Blazer - $59 {I think as my list of items said I was getting a polkadot blazer}- Small
I did not love this blazer. The material was quite sheer and dare I say cheap looking {especially for $60}. I realize now this photo does not do it justice. Maybe if it was the polka dot one as my sheet said it may have been better but the material wasn't my favorite either way.

 Verdict: Return

Item 5: Peep Toe Wrap Wedge Sandals - $44 - Size 7 {fit true to size}
LOVE these. I wore them right away and they are super comfy. I love the side cutouts and the leather wrap. They are very small wedges so perfect for out with the kids but I know I will get a lot of use out of them at work too!

Verdict: Keep

{This top was one of my keepers from a previous box. It's so light & comfy and I wore it with my new sandals for preschool drop off and then grocery shopping with Ry. Those elbow patches sold me. ;)}

Even though I didn't love everything in my box I feel like it fit within my profile and the feedback I sent back to my stylist will hopefully help with my next box!

Frock Box offers size Small to 3XL as well as different box options. It is such an awesome way to add new pieces to your wardrobe that are unique and you don't have to shop for yourself! Almost everything I have kept are items I wouldn't necessarily pick out for myself when out shopping and I love that. Great for new moms, busy women and those living in rural communities. Plus it's a Canadian company.
Learn more about how it works HERE.

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Angela Williams said...

I so wanted those floral pants to work for you - they're SO CUTE!
I've really been thinking about signing up again after our chat.....A MONTH AGO! How was it that long ago?!
I do need to up my wardrobe and I can't find anything I like in stores lately.

Bex said...

I like that first dress on you. Those pants are super cute too. It's too bad those pieces didn't work out, they all look decent from the photos. I wish Frock Box would get more mainstream brands like Stitch Fix. I think it would be even more successful that way.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I asked for that first dress and didn't get it! But did get a doc shirt...lol
I've been asking for summer work dresses and yet to get a single suitable piece. I really don't know what to do, and keep holding out for a great box.

Leigh said...

I like that first dress on you and would wear it myself. If you don't like something the first time you put it on, definitely not worth keeping it

Amber said...

I wonder if frockbox has maternity clothes! I canceled my subscription in December, but I could really use some new maternity clothes right now so maybe I should see about signing back up! I love the two dresses - but I do like the 2nd one better as well on you!

Ashley said...

Love those sandals and they look super comfy!! That first dress is super cute!!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I really like that first dress! And the floral pants! Too bad they didn't work for you though. The shoes are great!