{week+end rewind}

 Happy Monday! We've had a great couple of days. A few beautiful sunnyones, time with friends and family. Perfection!
Wednesday Brie, Sully and Emmy came over. The kids played in the backyard for a bit, we had a little picnic and then walked to the playground. 

It was way hotter than I thought and we most definitely should have had sunscreen on! I actually burnt my shoulders and Delainey's neck was a bit red too! Fail.

The kids had lots of fun and Ry was so pumped to join them in play too. Brie & I actually got to chat which was really nice, so wish they didn't live so far south!

After naps we got slathered up in sunscreen and went for a long walk and then pulled out the water table. The kids were in heaven.

shorts: Pint Size Wardrobe, Bike tee: Lake + Hill {Calgary shop}

 Justin came home and pretty much read my mind - he whipped up some Sangria and we spent the evening in the backyard BBQing and enjoying the sun! It was awesome.

Thursday morning our new session of gymnastics started. Nana came to watch which made Delainey very happy. It was Ryder's first class with me and he had a blast! He actually listened and followed the circuits well too. I was quite impressed but also exhausted by the end of class! I do miss watching Delainey but Nana said she too did great.

We grabbed groceries after class and then it was much needed naps/quiet time! We set ourselves up in the backyard afterwards and the kids had the best time. That $3 kijiji water table is just the best.
Do you see Ryder getting a face full of water here?! Doesn't even faze the kid.

shorts: IndieKIDS {Calgary shop}

Thursday night I taught Surf to mainly my regular ladies and a few new Surfsetters. Note to self: I need a new playlist stat!

As mentioned Friday morning I was out of the house early to meet the Frock Box ladies at CTV and then got home in time to get the kids dressed and ready to walk Cruz and get Delainey to preschool.

Ryder and I headed to his 18 months shots after we dropped Delainey off and he was such a brave boy. No tears and such a charmer with our nurse. He's still a little guy at only 21 lbs so only 3rd percentile but moving right up on his curve. 

We had time to kill before picking up Delainey so we washed the truck and spotted a bit pile of rocks so I knew who'd love that!

We grabbed a blanket and had a little snack picnic too. I don't think he even put one rock in his mouth!?

Tee & harems: Portage and Main, Mocs: Posh Panda

After naps {he always requests his hat} and then we peek at ourselves in the mirror and he always gives me a big hug. It's one of my favorite moments of the day.

Delainey walking her dog "Moana". He's very obedient. Except when he stops to pick up rock.

 D tank: Portage and Main

Saturday morning Justin went for a solo bike ride so the kids and I worked out and Delainey and I cleaned and re-organized our pantry while Ry napped. She is such a little helper and enjoyed sampling some snacks she discovered.

Ryder is so cute when he draws {double ended markers}. Except when he mistakes paper for the backdoor rug. He created a very nice masterpiece while I was in the washroom - thank goodness for washable markers.

After naps we headed out for a special treat! Delainey was a wee bit excited.

I've been wanting to try the milkshakes at #REGRUB and they did not disappoint. We shared the D Spot and Cookie Monster and not even finish them. And yes one has an ice cream sandwich on it and the other a donut and a "Daddy cookie" AKA an Oreo which was probably Delailey's favorite part!

^ Top: Pink Blush

After enjoying dessert before dinner we stopped by Trolley 5 to fill up 2 growlers and then headed to Jeff & Jolie's for dinner. It was a beautiful night, we played in their backyard and then ate dinner on the deck.

Sunday Justin changed the tired on the car and rotated the tires on the truck, we worked out and prepped for the week. After naps/quiet time we headed south for Fin's 4th birthday party. It was camping themed and oh so cute. It was a great day for a hot dog roast in the backyard and the kids had a blast!

Delainey was pretty thrilled with her "coffee cup" of hot chocolate.

Are you seeing my husband wearing my Buchberger Oilers jersey?! I know. Amazing. 

Sweet birthday girl!

We left a bit early from the party so I could get home, do a quick wardrobe change and Leigh picked me up for dinner with some of the blog ladies for a birthday dinner for Ange and Brie. We went to Anejo and it's so delicious - best guac and margaritas for sure! It was a super fun night with lots of laughs and great conversation. Perfect end to great weekend.

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You had a busy week and weekend! I am so bad at remembering sunscreen - Avery and I burnt Saturday morning. Poor C is so fair I need to remember more.
Water tables are the best!
Ryder looks so much bigger than that! Chloe is 20 lbs 6 oz - she seems so chunky lol
Hope you ladies at fun last night!
PS I want those milkshakes!

Leigh said...

You had a great week! I agree- why did Brie have to move so far south?! If you are reading Brie, you guys should move north ;) Fin's birthday party looked like fun! Glad we were able to get out for dinner last night. I'm still full!

Bex said...

1) I want to go to Regrub so bad
2) That birthday party looks amazing
3) I'm so sad I wasn't able to come last night </3

Rachel Steck said...

Delainey splashing Ryder is funny - I know if it was the other way around she'd be screaming (am I right? LOL). I love D's hair-do with her 'coffee cup'.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love how well your kids play together! I bet that is just so sweet to watch! The picture of D walking 'her dog' is hilarious. I also love D's hair-do with her coffee cup!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Haha @ Leigh! I knoooooow, you don't know how many times I think "I wish we lived more north!!" Why couldn't we have all been better friends before we moved?! I would have pushed for the North then haha. Ahh, Sully had a bit of a burn on his cheeks when we got home, oops! #momfail haha. Aww, thanks for leaving your party a tad early to come to dinner! What a great job Whit did on the decor!! And Regrub looks awesome! I need to go there!