{week + end rewind}

Happy Tuesday! :) The weather this weekend was beyond perfect. I love it when it's hot all day and into the evening but the house isn't a sauna all night long! We did move the fans up into the kids room already. Dare I say summer may be here?!
We definitely had a great few days. Wednesday night I had drinks with my friend Kristen and then Thursday morning we had gymnastics. 
This sequence of Delainey just kills me. She was pretty excited about this ice cream shirt and kept requesting photos.

Whistle & Flute top/ Simply Love YYC pants

Thursday I taught my SurfSet Blend as always. I will be adding a class throughout the summer on Wednesdays at noon! Either a Balance or Blend class.

Friday Delainey had preschool and Ryder and I got a few groceries. Delainey requested a picnic for lunch as they had a snack picnic at preschool.

Vi&Jax romper 

While Ryder napped I tried to clean the large cup of coffee Ryder dumped all over the carpet in our room. I know, I know - Mom of the year. Thankfully it wasn't hot and he didn't get any on him but let's just say the coffee ain't coming out. Sigh.

After Ryder napped it was backyard time and then we took Cruz for a walk.

Finishing up their masterpiece together.

Always exploring!

tee/shorts Portage and Main

Dress from Finn & Grin - use code DELRYFRIENDS10 for 10% off. Headband

Justin did the lawn while we got ready for the day. We took a walk around the block as it was the Parade of Garage sales in our neighborhood. We found what we were looking for a across the street! :) A little basketball hoop for Ryder. And Delainey also picked up a few Barbies and Vet kit with a puppy and crate. She was thrilled. We stopped for slurpees too - Ryder's first.

We went to check out a community event I was going to help with for Illume before lunch. 
The kids tried out the Surf RipperX and the bike.

Spider Man and Elsa were there - Ryder was terrified! He liked them from a far but Spider Man got too close and Ry lost it! They both got balloon wands and then we headed home for lunch.

Ryder and Justin stayed home for naps and Delainey joined me back at the event to help share the love of Illume. We also played in the photo booth after convincing her waiting in the giant line for face painting was not a fun idea!

After that is was backyard time for the rest of the day!

Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jolie stopped by for a drink before dinner and the kids were very excited!

Sunday morning Justin headed out for his bike ride with Brian so we went to explore Princess Island Park with Leigh & Amelia. We checked out the Canada 150 sign!

Rocking her Kristina Benson Canada 150 leggings too!

Throwing rocks - the ducks and geese thought it was food and wouldn't leave us alone. 

Then we walked to the Peace Bridge and stopped {for another snack of course} and to cheer on the marathon runners. 

tops Locomotive Clothing

Pretending to nap while we waited for Justin to get home. ;)

Delainey's quiet time was cut short because she "just want to be with you Mommy". Damn girl has me figured out. ;) So we painted her gift bags for her preschool teachers and then read every book we own on the deck. 

sunglasses Babiators Canada

Once Justin and Ryder got up Justin made us margarita's with the our Jimmy Buffet machine and we resumed our spot playing in the backyard. The kids needed baths so we did that and decided to order Chinese food for dinner. 

Can't complain about that weekend at all! :)

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hear you - it is nice to have hot days then in the evenings open the windows to cool the house down. I am also thankful for AC - never thought I would say that haha
D's poses are awesome!! Avery is anti camera right now ;)
We had community of community garage sales this weekend too!
I am jealous of all the cool places you guys have there, and love that bridge - we did maternity photos there!

Leigh said...

The weather has been so great lately! It can stay around now. Thanks again for the play date and for sharing the snacks :)

Bex said...

I'm so pumped about this weather even though my condo is a sauna. I love the photo of Delainey and Amelia. So cute these kiddos are!