{week + end rewind}

Oh man this weekend was amazing and for once the weather cooperated! I missed being at the lake but we had a great weekend at home. We were busy with the kids all day and Justin and I watched a movie each night. Rewinding back and sharing one billion photos. :)

After work walks and bike rides. He loves picking flowers now.

And riding his bike alone. He either screams for me to let go or yells "help".

Wednesday was rainy so we cancelled our park date plans with Whit and the kids and had a day at home. Delainey and I worked on her end of the year gift for her preschool friends as she's been wanting to make them since we bought the materials for them so it seemed like the right time while Ry napped.

Walking and looking for worms and puddles.

Best photo of Ryder ever.

I had girls dinner and we went to Friends & Family night of the new Joey Chinook. Sara's hubby is the big boss man there so we were treated to dinner, drinks and dessert before they opened. Everything was delicious {I was going to go with Lobster Mac & Cheese but made the last minute switch to ribs. I did not regret my choice!} I also got to cuddle with Miss Halle.

Thursday we had gymnastics and as always they both loved it. Ryder now just dives right into the pit and give me small heart attacks each time. 

 I had a quick doctors appointment afterwards and promised the kids we would play at the great park at Riley Park afterwards.

Ryder just wanted to run in the field!

We stopped at a fun wall and had a snack in the grass.

We drove Justin to and from work on both Wednesday and Thursday as the car was having work done so these kids needed a good run after the car ride.. Delainey didn't nap either day in her bed but of course had major naps in the truck!

She changes her outfit on average 4 times a day.

Friday Justin was off work so we dropped D off at preschool and then hit up Home Depot and Costco for flowers for the backyard and a few groceries. We also went to Walmart before picking Delainey up. I picked this cart at Home Depot and Justin commented "oh we are going to be that parent are we?!" You betcha! And Ryder was SO cute driving and so excited!

The afternoon was spent planting our flowers, yard work, playing the water table and practicing handstands in the backyard! Felt like summer.

Our Saturday plans got postponed as Delainey was having a rough morning. She could not listen if her life depended on it and was a whining/crying queen so we stuck around the house. Justin cleaned the truck, I cleaned the house and then the kids helped Justin build a little bike rack for their bikes in the garage.

We blew bubbles, painted and played outside until lunch time.

After naps/quiet time and Delainey's mood came around we headed over to Big Hill Springs for a hike. Justin and I did 2 laps wearing the kids and then we let them explore and play in the teepee and water.

Cruz and the kids had a blast and it was the perfect temperature!

Spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard while Justin BBQ'd dinner.

Sunday morning Justin headed out for a bike ride after breakfast and then when he got home we took a drive out to Drumheller for a hike. We'd hadn't been to Horseshoe Canyon since the day we picked Cruz up from the breeders! It's so beautiful out there!

It was pretty hot but there was a nice breeze too thankfully. We tried to make our own trail off the beaten path at one point but we had to turn back! :)

The kids had fun playing with all the rocks and taking in the views as we did as well! Did yo know there are cacti there?!

Ryder of course found the biggest rocks to lug around. 

The kids did not sleep on the way home so they went down for naps/quiet time when we got home and then Justin BBQ'd a delicious dinner for us.

Monday morning Justin headed out for his bike ride with Brian so the kids and I did a workout and then headed to the ravine for a walk to beat the heat.

We played in the tree and "roasted marshmallows" and collected sticks to build a fort. :) Delainey's imaginations is so fun these day. And bossy.

The rest of the day was spent outside until I decided Ryder really needed to nap. :)
Ryder and Cruz ate a whole mini watermelon with very little help from D and myself!

We had a delicious dinner at Debbie's for Justin's birthday and the cousins all had fun playing and eating for sure and we all had an awesome visit. How cute are they?!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

My girls are obsessed with those carts at Save On - I like them since they both can sit in the cart :)
Your painting looks like it went better than ours, Chloe enjoyed eating and sitting in the paint.
Such an awesome weekend, I am so happy for all the sun this weekend. I love the hike photos of the kids!
I have been meaning to ask you for hike recommendations!?

Bex said...

Your weekend sounds busy and awesome. I loved that we had such beautiful weather for once. This post reminds me that I should get on making some popsicles for Liam.

Leigh said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! How many bathing suits does Miss D own? ;) haha, they are all so cute though

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend!! I want to do the Big Hill Springs hike! Two hiking backpacks - smart!! We almost went to Drum Hellar this weekend too, but ended up just staying put. It's so much more complicated when you have to keep a baby out of the sun!