{week + end rewind}

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Our was great and I was definitely sad when it came to an end - and incredible tired! But I am excited for a long weekend coming up.
We were spoiled this week to spend some time with my Mom while she was in town briefly. The kids were thrilled and the shrieks inside the truck when she surprised us were out of control!

D's sweatshirt & Ry's tee: Lake+Hill, Ry's pants: Cooper and Fudger

We had some great weather so as always enjoyed our walks.

tees: Live Love North, Harems: Portage and Main, Sunglasses: Babiators Canada

Justin took a few photos for us after dinner and these are my favorite of Delainey. 

Thursday we had gymnastics and both kids definitely love it! You have to watch Ryder because he will spot the pit and just run for it.

Both kids were GRUMPY in the afternoon. It took this one a little while to decide he was able to walk without tripping on his bottom lip but thankfully a detour to play in the "woods" and to look for the Gruffalo turned their mood around a bit. I was relieved to be heading out to teach Surf though let me tell you!

 Raglan: Tumble and Roar, Leggings: Kristina Benson Art

Friday morning we dropped Ryder off at Gramma's and he got to play with Nixon while I attended Delainey's Mother's Day Tea. She was super excited and incredibly cute. She sang only about 10% of the songs with her class but then thankfully belted them out in the truck for me afterwards.
Her boyfriend Bennett is beside her. ;)

They made 2 cute crafts including this canvas she painted. And a cute questionnaire. All the other kids guessed their Moms were 5-8 years old - Delainey said I was 30!

More ravine and biking adventures in the afternoon. He spends most of our walks in this position.

tank:  Mini Way Co.

Saturday Justin and Brian headed out for a bike ride so Leigh and Amelia came over to play. The kids had fun in the backyard and we got to chat which is always nice.

We also made cupcakes for Justin's birthday. She decorated them herself and then did the clean up of the beater too! ;)

Justin and I were lucky enough to sneak out for an early birthday dinner to Native Tongues Taqueria
It was unreal good {mushroom tacos were so delicious!} and we had fun sitting at the bar with an entertaining bartender.

Sunday I made us breakfast and then we headed out to Canmore for a joint Birthday and Mother's Day. We went to the Skills Park and both kids had a blast!

top: Live Love North, Sunglasses: Cayo Eyewear

Ryder surprised us and was glidding down the hills, lifting his feet and trying his best to keep up with his sister. Justin and I took turns with him as our backs and hamstrings were on fire!

Every time we told Delainey it was almost time to go she would say "no not yet!" and as soon as we got home she asked when we could go back! It's such a beautiful location and it was really quiet so we will definitely be heading back soon.
We grabbed pizza for lunch in Canmore before heading home

I always say I just want a day with the family for Mother's Day {which we did and was perfect!} but Justin isn't a good listener. ;) They gifted me this super thoughtful gift. It's photos of the night sky in Calgary on the night we were married and then the nights we had both our IUI. You can see all the little constellations and stars and has the dates below. It's beautiful and I just love it so much. 

Delainey made Justin this key chain of our family {shrinking plastic}. Her drawings of people are just the cutest! She drew Kitty Cat on there too because she is part of the family. :)

Debbie came over for dinner and Justin BBQ'd us a feast and then we enjoyed Delainey's cupcakes and ice cream for dessert.

I feel incredibly lucky to have these 2 kids call me Mom along with 1 furry blond. I also have the best Mom, Mother-in-law and so many incredible women in my life who support me, inspire me and make me a better Mom. 

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I hear you - I am so ready for a couple short work weeks! I have 4 days this week and next :)
I love that gift Justin got you - so thoughtful and unique! I ask for the same thing - a family day together. Nothing against those who want a day away but for me it is about family.
They crafts D made are perfect too! I love that they are getting old enough to make crafts!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

What a lovely weekend! I'm so impressed with Ryder's bike skills!! He's going to be joining his dad downhill biking before you know it! 🙈 That gift he got you is amazing! So unique and beautiful.

Rachel Steck said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Love Justin's gift to you - and LOVE the key chain Delainey made!

Bex said...

Your kids have mad bike skills, I love it!
That gift from Justin is AMAZING. Such a cool idea!

Leigh said...

Love D's face in the picture with your mom! They sure love her :) Glad you guys were able to get out for a date night. The bike park looks like so much fun!

Murdock's mama said...

Those gifts are so awesome! Cullyn guessed that I was 100{!!!}

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the look on D's face in that photo with your mom! That is a framer! She is looking at her with such love and admiration! So sweet!

Sounds like Ryder is quite the little dare devil on his bike!!!!

That was such a thoughtful and unique gift from Justin! What a thoughtful guy!!!

Nikki said...

Happy Mother's Day! What a wonderful weekend!

Ashley said...

What an amazing gift they got you!!! Soo perfect!!! I couldn't imagine spending the day without my kids, yes it can be crazy, but it's my kinda crazy!! Glad you all had a great weekend!! Love the comment about tripping on his bottom lip!! Noah's totally got that going on today!!!