{week + end rewind}

Happy May! Fingers crossed for a month of sunshine and no more snow! We had some much needed sunshiney days this weekend so that was a nice change and we definitely took advantage.
Rewinding back...Thursday Whit, Fin and Willa came over for a play date. Cruz and Willa had a great time ripping around the backyard playing. Whit and I enjoyed coffees and caught up on life while the kids played.

These two enjoying a post nap read.

They love double swing rides and were excited to play at the park.

His outfit: Portage and Main, Mocs: Posh Panda 

I taught a full Surf class on Thursday night. 
Early morning snuggles with Elmo. This was right after I found him hiding under his crib with ALL of Delainey's Barbies - just waiting for her to scream!!

After we dropped Delainey off at preschool I took a couple pictures of this stud as he turned 1.5 on Friday! Fastest 18 months of my life. 

His face in this one. HA!

Ryder and I ran a couple errands Friday morning as I got the itch to re-decorate a little bit, he had a nap in the truck and then we got groceries after we picked Delainey up from preschool. 

It was the first time they have acted like total monsters in the grocery store and I was THIS close to leaving them and the full cart and just running away. ;) I kid. I was also THIS close to tell a grumpy granny where to go after she said "no one came to the store to listen to bratty kids whine". Instead I told her to have a lovely Friday and resisted the urge to say something else. But I definitely walked out of Superstore with steam coming out my ears, possibly shedding a few tears out of frustration and in a fowl mood.

Thankfully everyone was happier after nap/quiet time and Ryder's pregnancy book arrived and the kids were so cute looking through it. Delainey was adorable explaining why she was eating blue ice cream not pink.

Friday night Justin went to a bike meeting and then for beers with Brian so the kids and I had dinner and popsicles {they eat dinner like rock stars when popsicles are promised}! After the kids were in bed I had a much needed glass of wine, did some work on Ryder's 1st year book, watched Grey's and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we asked Delainey if she wanted to go for a hike or a bike ride. She chose bike ride so we packed up the truck and explored a different ravine and rode to a new playground.

Ryder rode the whole way there but was done a few minutes into the ride back so I carried him and his bike. 

Delainey is doing so good and is SO speedy. Her and Justin would ride ahead and then loop back to us.

When we got back Justin did some yard work while we watched him & while the kids ate lunch. Then they played a bit before naps.

Cutest team fixing the lawn mower.

After naps we spent the rest of the day in the backyard playing and while Justin BBQ'd dinner. 

 shorts & headband: Goose Loves Lamb, Sweatshirt: Happiest Collection, Socks: Portage and Main

Easter suckers in the sunshine.

Always practicing her handstand progressions!

Sunday morning Justin went to watch a bike race on TV at Brian's so we worked out, gave Cruz a bath, got ready for our week and painted our nails while Ryder napped.
When Justin got home we had lunch and then headed to Genesis Place in Airdrie for a swim. It was a awesome place - water wasn't too cold, lots of variety and family change rooms are the best. Justin and I had a blast on the water slide - the kids were took short and you can't hold them on your lap. Delainey does not love swimming, so I hope her 2 weeks of lessons helps! {Poor instructor.} She did love the hot tub at the end and said she had fun but there were also a lot of tears. Silly thing.

Tat evening Brian, Leigh & Amelia came over for dinner. We played outside with the kids while the guys BBQ'd. Ryder and Amelia kept hugging unprompted so we finally got a photo at the end of the night. So cute. 

Great end to the weekend. 

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Leigh said...

Oh man, I would have told that grumpy granny where to go!!! It's exactly what you didn't need at that moment. Thanks again for having us over. Those unprompted hugs are sure cute!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Oh man I would have told granny something a lot less nice. You my friend are an awesome person for not!
Avery is hit or miss with swimming. But loves the hot tub. She has a swim camp (it is mermaid camp and somehow she thinks that does not involve water!) this summer so I am hoping it helps that I am not there.
Love the hug photo of Ryder and Amelia!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

The nerve of that granny! I've definitely left a store a few times with a screaming kid. Thankfully no one has said anything or else I might be in jail now.

Great day for a bike ride! It's so nice to be outside now after that long winter.

Audrey used to be so hesitant in the water but she is getting much better. I'm sure lessons for D will really help her. We had to practically drag the kids from the pool yesterday! Audrey still won't go down the big water slide though.

Bex said...

I don't understand why some people can't keep their negative opinions to themselves. It's not like you wanted your kids to be whining at the grocery store either. I wouldn't have been so nice to that old lady :p

Angela Williams said...

"I didn't come here to be told how to parent".
My goodness. I still can't believe people get uppity about kids being kids.

Ashley said...

Oh I would have had a hard time being nice to that granny!!! But yes, I sometimes find tears of frustration too when things are going opposite of how they should! You would think we would be used to that after infertility!!! But nope!!
I'm still not used to the dark hair, I had to look at the pic twice to realize it was you!! Haha!! I really like it, but at first glance I still expect blonde haha.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Whoa, I can't believe someone had the nerve to say something to you at the store!! Im not sure I would have been able to hold my tongue! I'm sure 2 weeks of swimming lessons for Delainey will be great!! What will Ryder do while you guys are in the pool?