{Wednesday things}

Happy Wednesday! :) We have the BEST news and we can finally share! My brother and Jolie are expecting!!! 
So excited for them and us. Come on November - but first come on July so we can find out what you are!! :)

 Delainey's end of the year preschool gift is chalk! :) We found these boxes of 40 pieces of chalk at Dollarama for $3 each and these cute printables HERE.

I always try and pick something she can help me with and Delainey was a huge help. She put 3 pieces of different colored chalk in cellophane bags we already had. She printed DE on every label {she wanted to do more but we ran out of room so I wrote LAINEY tiny for her!} I tied the string around the tops and she threaded each tag into the string.

They turned out pretty cute {& it was cheap!} and she is so excited about them. She was not happy when I explained she needs to wait a month to give them to her friends!

SO Delainey.

We watched these 3 movies over the weekend. 
Lion was incredible! It was a hard movie to watch {meaning I cried A LOT} but it was so good, we both loved it. 
Hacksaw Ridge was a really good story too and I definitely liked the movie. I will say the war scene was long and gruesome but I understand it was necessary for the movie {just warning you Mom!}

And well, I requested a funny one and this fit the bill. Don't expect much but it's good for a laugh.


I bought a few cheap swimsuits from RoseGal and they arrived last week {took about 2.5 weeks to ship}. I wasn't expecting much as they are less than $20 each but I was pretty impressed with them. The only problem is you choose a size for both top and bottom so I went with medium and other than one top having extra long straps {that I can fix} and a pair of bottoms being "too cheeky" for this booty {not fixable!} they all fit pretty well. I ordered 2 that are higher waisted bottoms to try out too as I think they will be good for with the kids! I googled for a coupon code and they offer free shipping worldwide!

I wore this one out in the back yard with the kids all day Sunday.

Our favorite local legging shop Simply Love from right here in Calgary has new prints launching!  Ann spoiled/hooked the kids up with some of the new prints and styles to try and they are so cute! We love her leggings so much and cannot say enough about the quality, fit and thick fabric. Be sure to keep your eyes out for her launch!

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Bex said...

I saw the preview for this post and I thought you guys were expecting again and was so excited haha. That's still super exciting though, congrats to your brother and SIL.

Cute school gifts for sure.

Rachel Steck said...

Woo-hoo for Jeff and Jolie!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ahhhhh so exciting for your family!! They must be thrilled!! Congratulations!!

I can't wait for baby to come so I can order from that shop. I'm hoping she will do bigger sizes for my other kids too!!

Nice bathing suit!! You can rock anything but it's nice to have a secure suit for chasing after kids!

Haha neighbors! I started watching the first one and it was funny/so lame! I'll check out this one! Lion sounds good but sad! Not sure I can handle that now!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

The ultrasound photo threw me off - congrats to your family!
Those legging prints are so cute, I've been eyeing them up on your feed :)
I have looked at high waisted bottoms but I have such a short torso I am scared they will cover my whole stomach haha

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

PS Love the chalk idea!!

Leigh said...

So exciting for Jeff and Jolie! And of course you guys too :) That chalk idea is super cute. Oh man, I lose count how many times I hear snack in one day

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I honest to god for a second, when I saw the preview for this post, thought you were announcing another pregnancy! So excited for your brother and SIL. I know you've been waiting for this! How fun it will be for all of you :) Love that bathing suit!! The chalk idea is so smart - you always have the best ideas!