{Local love with Lake +Hill}

I am not sure how it happened really but our kids are definitely bike crazy. Delainey has always been able to sit for bike movies ever since she was a wee girl and same with Ryder. Delainey asks for bike movies before bed over any cartoon. They dance to the music, have their favorite videos and Delainey actually knows many riders names AND all the bikes parts. Even ones I couldn't point out! We had music on the other day and she piped up "hey this song is from Aaron Gwin's bike movie!"

So when I "met" Laurel on Instagram and she said my kids were perfect for her brand Lake + Hill, she couldn't have been more correct. Laurel is the 
shop mastermind and a busy mom of 2 living right here in Calgary. She grew up in Edmonton {big Oilers fan!} and she's a commercial construction lawyer by day in downtown Calgary and before that completed her Bachelor of Design in visual communications at the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta and trained as a graphic designer.  
She was inspired by the activities they were doing as a family, needed an outlet and started thinking about creating graphic tees for her kids - based on life on the Lake, and on the Hill. Hence Lake + Hill

The shirts my kids are wearing are from her Spring Vibes collection which is inspired by her sons Cole and Adam's love of wheels - biking, scootering, triking, skateboarding, pushing anything with wheels! Right up my kids alley too!

Laurel's goal is to make modern kids wear that isn't too serious and kids will want to wear it and be excited about - not so minimalist that there is no fun in it! I think she's totally nailed that.

Ryder is wearing the lots of trikes tee in 18 months. Delainey not only chooses her outfits often but Ryder's too and she loves this tee.

Delainey is wearing the scoot scoot scoot little sweatshirt in a 4T. 

Perfect for the skills park this past weekend!

Both items are excellent quality and fit true to size without shrinking when washed and dried. Laurel also created an awesome birthday tee collection! They are super cute and not just the regular " I am ONE" shirts you see around. I definitely plan on getting them for the kids birthday shirts!

AND you can win one if you pop over to my Instagram account!
Be sure to check out Lake + Hill on Instagram as well.

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Laurel said...

D+R are just the cutest! Thanks for the shout out and loving these pics!��

Ashley said...

cute shirts!!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Super cute! And so perfect for your crew ;)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So cute and perfect for your kids to a tee!!