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Happy Tuesday. It's my last day of work this week and I am so excited for this busy week with the kids and then a long weekend with Just. We unfortunately aren't going to the lake as Mom and Dad are away at a wedding and if we are making the trip out there we want them to be around. So we will head out in the next couple of weeks instead and in the meantime are trying to come up with fun adventures for the weekend around home. On to 4 randoms.

I am terrible about remembering to take photos!

Jean jacket: Frock Box, Dress: Target {so old}/ Dress: Hope's {old}, necklace: F21
These booties from Spring are my favorite and SO comfy.

He is always cuddling one of this stuffed animals when he sleeps now and it's so cute! 
This is the dog Delainey gave to  him when he was born. 

I knew this new hair color would throw some of our students off at school. The don't love change and I get comments & questions even on days I wear my hair in a ponytail or I wear my glasses as it's a bit different.

My favorite comments:

I walked into one class while doing a tour the morning after my first day back with the dark hair and one of our grade 3 students said "whoa your hair, well that's a drastic improvement"

One of the high school students said "Mrs. Black well that's a shock, I was expecting something more along the lines of another pregnancy"

A junior high student said " I like your hair Mrs. Black. But it was 110% better before."

A little back story - a few weeks ago {before changing my hair color} one of our high school students was in my office as he wasn't feeling well so he was waiting to get picked up. He was trying to make small talk while I was working as I could tell the silence was making him uncomfortable. He blurted out that some of the guys in his class and himself were talking and think I look like Carrie Underwood. He immediately realized he probably didn't want to say that and asked me not to tell them he said that. HA! 
Well on Monday - so a few weeks had gone by since I have had my hair dark and he popped into my office in the morning and said " I like your hair"....long silence after me thanking him and then he said "I hope you didn't change your hair just because of what I said about Carrie Underwood". Oh my gosh, I laughed and reassured him no, I just needed a change!

We really have the funniest and coolest students!

I suck at it. I keep saying I need to do and never do. But I do love Chef's Plate! It's so easy to pick the meals online and then there is no thought involved! We pull out the bag that has all the ingredients and my little sou-chefs and I get to work. The 2 plate meals have always been enough for our family too! I love that the meals change each week and we are left with the exact recipe so we can recreate it ourselves at a later date. 

You can use the code #3platesfromourlifeandtimes to get 3 free plates!

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Nikki said...

oh my goodness thats so funny about your student! I guess being told you look like Carrie isn't a bad thing! LOL!

Bex said...

Thats so cute about the students. We love Chefs Plate so much. I'm the same as you with meal planning. I know it would be so much easier but it's so overwhelming for me lol

Ashley said...

I still need to try chefs plate, but nothing has jumped out recipe wise... I know I am soo picky ahaha.
The students comments are too funny!!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I love that second dress!
Chloe is the same and loves to cuddle a stuffed animal at night now.
That is too funny about your students!
I loved Chefs Plate the one time we got it but I have not found anything lately that I have to have or cannot make on my own for cheaper haha.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love the comments your students made about your hair color change. That is hilarious!!

We did plated last summer (kind of like Chef's Plate) and it was so nice to not have to think about meal prep for a change. Phil said my cooking/recipes were better so I went back to meal planning but I would definitely use the service again - especially if/when we have kids!

Leigh said...

Ooh jealous it's your last day of work this week! Well, I shouldn't complain too much since I was off yesterday and am almost done work! Only 7 more days. Love both of your outfits! Haha your students are funny.

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I'm dying over the funny things your students say!! Especially the pregnancy one! Haha!

Love that Hope's dress!

I'm going to have to try Chef's Plate once J is back at work and not cooking every meal! Don't you find it stressful in the evening trying to decide what to make? Although I always find meal making stressful!