{Work It Out: Justin edition}


This past weekend marked Justin working out with me for 90 days. I am beyond proud of him and thankful he stuck with it. I have to be honest, when I went back to work after Ryder's maternity leave I wasn't working out on my work days EVER. Unless I went to Surf class on a Tuesday night. I just couldn't force myself downstairs before 5am, after getting home from work and walking Cruz I just wanted to hangout and play with the kids before making dinner and then after their bed time I had no motivation to go down to the basement solo. Excuses, for sure! I definitely missed my workouts those days and felt a negative change in me, it just became a bad habit. But Justin joining the workout world changed that and I am forever thankful. I love that he motivates me after the kids go to bed to go workout and it's been awesome working out with him.

Since there were some requests, I thought today I would share what we did the last 3 months: what workouts we did, what we did to stay on top of our workouts and just make them apart of our every day life. Spoiler: No great advice to come. We just forced ourselves to stick to our short workouts!

Note: We did not follow the eating plans with the Beachbody programs that we did and we did a hybrid of 3 programs.  If only I could stop my snacking habit and kick my sweet tooth.
We also don't own a scale and will never own one. I firmly believe all that matters is how we feel.

Let's start with Justin's BEFORE & AFTER photos shall we. Sorry Justin.
But seriously. He looks amazing.

Am I right?! Give him 3 more months and this summer he's going to be one ripped Daddy! I wish I got results that fast!

Be ready & keep yourself accountable. I always have a calendar going as to what I am doing workout wise. If I am following a beachbody program to tee you can always find the printable version of the calendar online. If I'm not, I create my own calendar as to what workout I am doing each day and what are my day(s) off. Then I print it and it goes on the fridge. That way I see it right away every day and I HAVE to cross off my workout.

That's what I did for Justin and I the last 3 months. Our goal was to workout 6 days a week BUT life happens and you gotta be ok with that.

We did a mix of 3 great Beachbody programs:
22 Minute Hard Corps, Hammer & Chisel and Focus T25 - Gamma.
We did not do a workout that was more than 30 minutes.

Schedule it. I like to write down every little job I have to do each day on my calendar {yes I still have desk calendar at home} mainly because I like to plan and I like checking things off my list. :)
Add your workouts to that list too.
Schedule your workouts in as if they are non-negotiable - like going to work, meeting with your boss, feeding yourself/the family and getting rest. If it's a day to workout - it HAS to get done.
Justin even added it to his online calendar.

When I was on mat leave depending on what we had planned for the day, I would typically get up and put my workout clothes on right away. That way as soon as breakfast had settled the kids and I would head down to workout. I love getting my workout done right away but that doesn't always work, especially now that I am working part-time and on my days off we are busy with preschool, gymnastics and play dates.

Insert: Post bed time workouts. Something totally new to me! BUT dare I say I love it now. Justin and I go to the basement as soon as we put the kids to bed at 7 and by 7:30pm we are done and still have time to relax on the couch before our early bed time. ;) On weekends we always do our workouts with the kids.

 When I got the go ahead to workout after Delainey was born I decided I would try and do all my workouts when Delainey was awake. She wasn't much of a sleeper so I needed that little bit of sleeping time for other things. I kept that up with Ryder too. Delainey now asks to go workout and her and Ryder play in the basement while I/we workout. I like that they have grown up working out with me and know that's it's a part of our day to day life.

I'm not saying it's easy, the biggest hurdle is getting started. Justin will tell you himself he has started many programs with me and only lasted a few weeks for whatever reason. But this time he stuck to his guns and even when he was sick he actually said to me he missed working out. I definitely think it takes a month to actually get into a good routine and to a point where you crave your workouts and your body starts responding. I think the key is to find a workout you like and have a goal in mind.

Don't get me wrong, there are days we look at each other and agree a workout is not happening. Fridays are always our days off and a cocktail or two replaces our workout. But working out definitely keep me sane, make me happy and makes me feel so much better in general and about myself. Here's to feeling good in a bathing suit this summer!

PS. If you want any more info on any Beachbody program just let me know, there is a great deal going on for Beachbody on Delamd so you have access to every Beachbody program for the entire year for less than $15 a month!

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Bex said...

LOVE THIS! That's some awesome progress.

Definitely a reminder that I need to be better about working out on the days I have Liam. I'm good when he's with his dad, but it gets harder and harder to squeeze in those home workouts on top of everything else.

Amber said...

Wow Justin looks amazing! That is so impressive. And good for you guys for doing your workouts later in the evening. Usually if I haven't fit my workout in by 6pm I throw up my hands and figure oh well, not happening today, but I need to be better about doing later workouts sometimes too!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

wow, Justin looks amazing!! Way to go, buddy! Those before and after photos are remarkable! I mean he looked great before, of course, but now he looks very toned and I bet he feels amazing, too. This is a great post because you are talking about 30 minute workouts which are way more easy to fit into your schedule that 60+ minute workouts! It's a reminder that even 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week can make a huge difference.

I've been trying to work out consistently, especially with my wedding fast approaching. Life has been a bit bat sh*t crazy between wedding planning and work but I have tried to do my best. I'm going to start 21 day fix after Easter and follow it to the tee and then do something else after that in the final weeks leading up to my wedding. I feel pretty good about how I look but there's room for improvement for sure. I need to be better about doing workouts after 7pm. Doing them before work just isn't happening for me these days as the days are so long as is so getting up at 5-5:30 to workout just exhausts me... but I should squeeze more workouts in after 7 or 8 pm, especially since it's only 30 minutes!!

Nikki said...

GREAT results! I am FINALLY back on the workout train myself and I am LOVING it! I HAVE to workout post-bedtime as I get up at 4:45am as it is. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Weekends we try to do family walks and hikes!

Leigh said...

Way to go Justin!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Nice work you two!! I think I'm going to make J do this with me in the summer/fall ;) I'll call it Quality Time together!

The fact that my kids now go to bed later kills my evening workouts-- they aren't in bed until 8pm and I'm beyond exhausted by that point.

I was trying to get my workouts done right after work with the kids, as long as dinner doesn't take too long to prep. They quite enjoy that so I plan to do more of that with this babe.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Wow, nice work, Justin!! That's amazing progress! I love that you guys stuck to this and made working out "you" time. Jim and I started, but then he found he wasn't coordinated enough for T25 so he started just hitting the treadmill and then I got sick and we both fell off the wagon. So now we gotta dust ourselves off and get back to it. I think maybe mixing up a few programs might be the way to go...at least to keep Jim interested. And I totally agree with working out while the kids are awake. I always work out when's sully is awake - for one, it's great for them to see, and two - I prefer to do other things if and when he napped!