{week + end rewind}

Here we are again, another Monday! We've had a great week and weekend. I am so thankful for my extra time at home with the kids. We had Gramma Debbie staying with us all last week so it made my work mornings easier as I wasn't dropping the kids off - she was already there!

Monday after work we did some driveway biking after our walk.

Tuesday. He gets to excited to sit in the rocks. Taste them. Throw them. Always takes a few home with us.

Tuesday night I had girls dinner which was extra special as we got to meet my girlfriend Sara's new little Halle. She is perfection. All of us girls were there which was great. I do love our first girls dinner after a new baby where we have pizza and ice cream at the new babies home.

^ Nicole & Halle

Wednesday we had a few errands to run so we stopped at park afterwards on our way home.

I made the mistake of deciding to take both kids and their bike and the dog and no stroller for our ravine walk. Lesson learned, it's a family event, not solo. :)

Delainey kept going to get Ryder and lecturing him to get back on his bike and it's not time to pick up rocks.

Thursday we had gymnastics and then had a lovely lunch date with my Nana. The kids love playing with her toys, having a dance party with her and of course getting spoiled with a delicious lunch that always includes dessert!

Boot moccs c/o Mia's Moccs - they have a rubber sole which is pretty great for a busy walker!

Afternoon walk! It was a beautiful day so we played an extra long time in the rocks, D played tag with Cruz in the grass and she practiced her running.

Ry loves to dig up rocks and then yells "mama" and hands them to me. Over and over.

Thursday I taught a full surf class which was super fun. I love when there are new surfsetters and they leave loving it. I may add teaching a daytime Surf class this summer too which would be awesome.

Friday morning Delainey had preschool so Ry and I tried the new Walmart Click & Collect. I love the Superstore one but was frustrated with the wait time my last 2 pick ups. Walmart was out to my vehicle in less than 3 minutes, all the best before dates were over 2 weeks away and the produce was all ! I love grocery shopping with the kids but this is a perfect option for those days we just don't want to squeeze it into our day.

.Ry can now climb up on to Delainey's chair and he loves it. Except yesterday he slip and gave himself a lovely bleeding nose. :(

Friday was a good puddle jumping day! Funny story {sorry to those who follow me on Instagram and see these photos twice and read my stories twice!}
Over Spring break we were talking about Cruz's favorite color and I told Delainey that dogs only see in Black and White she didn't really seem to care at the time and I figured it just went over her head. On Friday morning she came out of her room in this outfit and proudly said "Mommy! I so excited Cruzie can see me today cause I only choose black and white!" ha Man I love her.

tee: Wee Wanderers, leggings Simply Love

Friday night Delainey had a sleepover with her cousins and had a great time eating pizza, playing and going for bike rides to the park.  I don't have cousins so it's cool to me at she can do this!
We had dinner at home with Debbie and Ry and then caught up on shows before bed.

Saturday morning Justin went for a bike ride with our neighbor across the street while Leigh, Ry and I headed downtown to check out the Make It Show. There were a ton of cute vendors and some of my favorites too. I bought Delainey a bodysuit from Vi&Jax and also were treated to a bunch of new goodies from the lovely Trish from Portage and Main.

We picked Delainey up on our way home and she was in desperate need of a nap! I think she tried to pull an all nighter at her sleepover! ;) During lunch she ASKED to go for a nap. First time for everything!
She woke up a bit happier so we hit the ravine for a bike ride. 

He clearly loves it!

^ hoodie Mountain Tots

^ tee & harems joggers from Portage and Main

^ new tank from Portage and Main

Uncle Jeff came for dinner {Jolie was at a Stagette} so we had dinner with him and Debbie.

Delainey was still needing sleep so wasn't a real joy to be around but she played Lego and had fun with snapchat filters with Uncle Jeff upstairs and that got her through until bed time.

After Debbie and Jeff left Justin and I watched the first 2 episodes of Big Little Lies and we are hooked! There are only 7 episodes so I am sure we will fly through it.

Sunday morning I realized there is no preschool Friday so I had to have Delainey's preschool Easter treats done for Monday! Womp. They took longer than they should have but Delainey was an excellent helper and was SO excited to give them to her friends today. 

Justin headed to the mall quickly while Ryder napped, I bathed the kids and then headed to a baby shower for sweet Halle.

I left early from the baby shower to head home for Easter dinner with Debbie, Crystal, Troy, Emerson and Nixon. The kids looked as cute as ever.

I bought this shirt from Washed + Worn {best online Calgary consignment shop - I just message if I am looking for something and she will send me photos before she posts them online!}
Renise from Love and Dapper {Calgary shop too!} made this bow tie for Ry to match perfectly!

Cream mocs Posh Panda - be sure to check out Kayla's Instagram to see her new release mocs "The Hampton". They are so awesome and I can't wait to get his for the spring!

Delainey still fits into this dress that she wore at Easter last year and she loves it. You can tell she feels pretty in it which she should, Her little bunny ears clip was from Vi&Jax.

The kids reading on the bench "patiently" waiting for their cousins.

We had a delicious dinner all made my Gramma Debbie and the kids exchanged gifts with their cousins and got treat from Gramma too.
We cleaned up after dinner and got lunches prepped after everyone left and then watched another episode of Big Little Lies before crashing into bed. :)

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Nikki said...

How cute are the easter treats! I may have to steal that idea! Where did you get the toppers from?!!

Leigh said...

Thanks again for inviting me to the market :) I had to look at the picture of D on you multiple times...I couldn't tell right away that Ryder was there too at first and was so confused! Haha

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I love them on their bikes!! Laughing so hard at D giving Ryder a hard time for getting off his bike to check out rocks. It's totally the other way around here- Leo is always waiting for Audrey ;)

Halle is so sweet! Does she pronounce it like Halle Berry or like Hayleigh?

The kids look so cute in their Easter outfits!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That comment about Cruz being able to see Delainey since she is wearing black and white is HILARIOUS! So sweet. I love Delainey's Easter dress. How great that she can still fit into it so you can get more use out of it. I grew up with cousins and it's the best so it's awesome that your kids have cousins to grow up with, too. My sister hasn't started to have kids yet so I am hoping our kids are close in age - although she lives in AZ so our future kids won't see a ton of each other. But I have lots of older nieces and nephews that will be great helpers when we have kids!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Those rubber soled mocs are awesome! I love the way kids remember and interpret things. The other night Sully asked for avocado on toast and I said, "oh no, we can't the avocado is hard as a rock, maybe in the morning it will be ready", then the next morning he says "mama, did you get the rock out of the avocado yet?" LOL. I will miss this age for sure! They look so sweet in their Easter duds! <3

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Walmart has a grocery pickup service??? That's awesome! I'm gonna have to check into that!!