{Wednesday things}

Happy Wednesday!

^ Big hair color change!

Leah the founder of Love Child Organics just released her first book It All Begins with Food this week and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy before hand. I've been reading through it during nap time and it's plum full of information and healthy recipes for everything from baby food to baked goods. finger foods to family meals. She has some innovative ways to make healthier versions of those processed foods, delicious celebratory treat recipes plus some tips on how to keep your pantry stocked so you are ready for anything. The kids are I are already planning to make the Cheesy Little Crackers and the Overnight Strawberry Cocoa Oatmeal this weekend.
It also has really pretty photos which is an important feature to me. :) 
Available to order HERE on Amazon.ca.

Ryder also had a happy mail day when received a pair of the new "Hampton" moccs from Posh Panda. The are the cutest style yet for sure!

This made me laugh out loud when I saw this. Delainey now has a million questions before bed and they are mainly all ridiculous. "Why why why why do I have 2 light in my room?!" GO TO SLEEP!

Delainey doesn't often draw people {it's usually rainbows or coloring in words we write} but when she does they are so cute. And then Ryder had to add his mark on the far left guy. 

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Rachel Steck said...

I forgot to ask, what did Delainey and Ryder think of your dark hair? And Justin?

Bex said...

I still love your hair so much! And that outfit with the black pants. Where are those flats from? LOVELOVELOVE.

Delainey's people are so cute! Liam rarely draws people either, I remember awhile back when he drew his first person (that I ever saw), and he's like, "I didn't know I could do that!" and proceeded to draw every single person in his family lol. Kids drawings are the cutest.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I think I have the same black flats as you!
A will draw faces but that is about it, usually shapes and the letter A on repeat since it is "her letter" lol. I hear you on the bedtime questions!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Cute outfits! That cookbook sounds awesome! I can't get Sully to colour/draw anything other than "scribbles", and he refuses to let me show him other ways to do it, sigh. 🤣

Jen Rawson said...

I want to see more of the hair!!!

Ashley said...

Love the outfit post as usual!! I need to find a recipe to make with the love child baby cereal! Em is not a fan of the texture!!