{Spring Breaking}


And just like THAT Spring break is over. We had the best week. Spring break looks a lot different with 2 busy kids that is used to, I can't say it was relaxing! I am 100% exhausted and was most nights as we were busy but we had a ton of fun and the weather was pretty cooperative so we got almost everything on out bucket list checked off. 
Rewinding way back to Monday...{Long post ahead} We had to get groceries - thank goodness my kids love getting groceries!
Then we had a picnic on the deck for lunch. After lunch we went to a park near our house but not our usual one so the kids had fun there - plus a bike ride for D. Monday night we went to Jeff and Jolie's for dinner as her parents were in town for the week. We had delicious pizza {they make the best pizza in their outdoor pizza oven!} and a great visit. Her parents are awesome, I wish NY wasn't so far. :(

Tuesday morning we packed up and took Cruz for a walk in a community over and stopped at a new to us playground. We planned to have a picnic there for lunch but the wind was really chilly so we took it home and had a picnic on the floor inside. :)

Ry loved these balls, it distracted him a bit from the fact that he couldn't keep up with Delainey. Poor guy was so frustrated. 

 ^ sweatshirt: The Happiest Collection , harems: Portage and Main

Wednesday we had plans to meet Leigh, Amelia, Leigh's Mom, Brie, Sully and Emmy at the zoo. We left early in hopes of Ryder falling asleep but that didn't happen. So with time to kill we swung into Sunnyside as I wanted to check out the cool garages! There are a few people who have painted their garage doors so of course we had to photograph D in front of the best one!

While walking we also found some cool murals. I promised D we would go back and explore as we spotted some fun playgrounds too.

 hoodie: Mountain Tots

The kids loved the zoo, it was a bit chilly to start but warmed up and saw lots of animals. Us ladies also had some time to chat which was nice.

 ^ both of their leggings are from Simply Love YYC

 Grandma Sandy was a hit too. She bought popcorn which won the kids over and is pretty darn fun.

Thanks for the date & photos ladies!

Thursday was Delainey's half birthday. :) I know, so silly but I realized it so made it a big deal, cause kids like to celebrate! So I googled for a playground in Inglewood so we could meet Justin afterwards. Turns out one of the tops 10 playgrounds in Calgary is in Inglewood so we went there and the kids loved it. Ok it helps that there were other kids who had balls and there were plenty of pine cones for R to collect. 

 It has the nice rubber floor and was pretty darn fun. We had a picnic lunch and then went to meet Justin for a treat!

Justin's office is beautiful so we had a quick visit with some of his co-workers and then headed to Village Ice Cream. YUM. {PS. I wish this wall was at my work - hello outfit photo selfies!}

As always the ice cream was a hit and SO delicious.

 We were twinning in our Urban Cowgirl kimonos, so it was documented. 

She's hilarious. :)

Afternoon walks. 

He usually ends up playing in the rock piles.

Thursday night we were able to sneak out for date night {Thank you Gramma Debbie}- first up Surf class! Justin said I killed him, it was a tough class. We were both super sweaty heading to the pub!

Friday morning we met up with Nicole, Audrey and Leo down in the East Village for some park time.
First up - coffee for the Moms of course! Phil & Sebastian is our favorite too.

Silly me kept telling the kids we would go throw rocks in to the river. I'm smart like that. It's frozen. ;)

They all had a blast running down the huge hill and playing at the playgrounds. Even if I don't think the one playground is designed well at all!

Thanks for the date & photos Nicole. 

Afternoon bike rides, playing with rocks and slow walks.

Friday Justin stopped and bought Ryder's bike. I wanted them to both to have black bikes but we wanted them "their own" as well. So Justin ordered them their own custom wheels and hand grips. Delainey pink, Ryder blue to match their new helmets. Justin was on cloud nine putting them together Friday night, they look great. And the kids were so pumped to see them Saturday morning!

Justin headed out for a solo bike ride on Saturday morning. We got groceries, worked out and Delainey and I made Smartie cookies while Ryder napped. When Justin got home and after they napped we went out for Ry's first bike ride.

He shocked us and did so well. He waddled the whole ravine and was SO happy. He cried when he had to stop but did some more riding on the drive way. Justin was one proud and pumped Dad.  

Sunday we woke up to snow! We planned to take the kids on the train to the Devonian Gardens playground. Delainey has been asking to go on the train again for a long time so she was one happy girl!

Online the playground said it opened at 10am but when we got there there was a sign and barricade saying it didn't open until noon. And it was 10:30am. WHOMP.
Thankfully there were 2 other families who snuck past the barricades to play so we joined them!
Security showed up a few minutes later and after a bit of chatting and showing them on the website that it said the hours were 10am - they let us stay and within minutes it was packed!!

They loved the climbing wall and Delainey loved the slide.

 I love the plant wall! The rest of the gardens isn't open yet though. 

{Delainey's tee is from Tumble & Roar - as is the pink Surf one above - use code OURLIFE for 20% off in the shop! PS. She is wearing 2T in the Snack Champ baseball tee and 4T in the Surf one}

 Shorts & Jeans from Little Denim Patch

We had a smoothie and a snack lunch and headed back to the train. We got home in time for naps
Always coloring this girl. 

My friends Carla and Jordan and their 3 kids came by as we are having Jordan do some landscaping/tree planting in our backyard so him and J chatted about plans for that while the kids played and Carla and I chatted.

Jeff and Jolie arrived for dinner just as the gang was leaving. We had a great dinner and hangout with them even if Delainey was a bit of crank pot. She cried twice eating ice cream, who is this kid.

Longest post ever. It's over, you are welcome. 

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Bex said...

aw I love all the photos and outfits. You have the best dressed family! Looks like you guys had a great spring break!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am jealous of all your awesome wall murals! And all the parks! You guys had a great week glad the weather was decent too and no snow storms!

Angela Williams said...

Oh man, I need to go searching for those garages and walls for blog photos! They're amazing.
I love that you celebrated Delainey's half birthday - why the heck not, right?!

Awww, yay Rider! I bet he's so happy he can now keep up with D on his bike.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow you guys did pack a lot into your weekend. It seems like there are lots of cool parks in the area and you guys are so good about checking them out! I love the pic of the kids with their bikes! I can't believe Ryder is old enough to use one - he is getting big so dang fast! That's great that he did such a great job on it!

Sounds like you need a week off to recover from your spring break. ;)

Leigh said...

Glad we were able to meet up and go to the zoo together! Ryder looks so cute on his little bike :)

kris. said...

Awe, this looks like such a wonderful spring break!! You and your family are gorgeous Alison!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Best spring break!! I'll have to bring the kids down to the Devonian Gardens one day. Audrey was asking to take the train. I don't like to go downtown on non-work days though! Lol!

Love their matching, personalized bikes!! So glad Ry can ride. Determined little man!

We should plan some playground picnic dates for this summer!