{feeding toddlers with Nuby Canada}

How is it that we have a house with 2 toddlers already?!
As soon as Ryder started eating food with us at the table {just before he turned 6 months old} we would put food on the tray of his high chair. He was quick to realize Delainey had a plate/bowl and a fork/spoon and he of course wanted one too! So right from the get go we gave him what Delainey had and he's done really well feeding himself. Better than his older sister some days if we are being honest. :)
I have always been on the hunt to make meal time easier for us as parents and fun for the kids. We have been lucky in the sense that both our kids are pretty good eaters {other than Delainey thinking some nights dinner should take hours}! And Ryder is Ryder and enjoys tossing his plate from time to time and "dropping" his milk cup on the floor nightly, probably just to see the splash of milk on the floor so he he can say "ah oh" and then wait for his mother to clean it up.

To alleviate some mess, I was a little too eager to my hands on these Nuby Sure Grip Silicone Miracle Mats. They are a plate and place mat in one and they suction to your flat surface. Meaning, Ryder could not toss this on the floor!

The kids love these plate. They are great for sectioning off the different items at meal and perfect for snacks picnics too - a favorite at our house.

My favorite features:

There are three sections for food to encourage variety and to serve 3 different things without them touching {PS. Nuby you should make an adult versions because my husband needs one; he hates his food touching and eats 1 thing before moving on to the next}

The large place mat area catches dropped food and makes clean up much easier!

The sections are deep enough to be used as a bowl. I often put yogurt or apple sauce in one section at breakfast or lunch. The deep sections also make it easy for the kids to scoop up the wall to fill their spoon.

It cleans up easily and is actually both microwave and dishwasher safe.

It's made of 100% silicone, BPA free and available in 3 gender neutral colors {as well as 2 different shapes}. I went with 2 of the same color because sometimes less choice is better when it comes to toddlers. 

We also really love these fork and spoon set {Flower fork & spoon and Monster fork & spoon} The fork is actually like a spoon also which make meal time way easier and both kids do great with these.

Other observations:

It's too big for Ryder's high chair tray - BUT he has never thrown this plate off his tray like he did with others!

It won't stick to tables or surfaces with big grooves or rough textures {it does stick to our table and hardwood floor no problem}

You can purchase these mats HERE and HERE.

Nuby has a huge selection of gadgets that make meal time and snack time easier and these Nuby Snack N' Sip Cups were a HUGE hit with the kids too. There is something about straws that my kids just love and well - snacks. I should just change my name to snack and then I may feel a little bit more love every day! Just sayin'.
Basically it's a cup with a straw with a compartment on top that snaps shut to keep your snack in. Immediately I loved this because I always have snacks for both kids and water bottles for both kids so this just minimizes what we need to throw in the backpack!

They are perfect for in the car, stroller or for outside play time as they only need to bring one thing and can easily carry it themselves. The hold 4.5 oz of dry snacks and 9 oz liquid.
The top part snaps shut tight enough they won't open if tipped over but easy enough for the kids to open themselves. Ryder has left this open and it's tipped over and spilled but you live and learn!

I have learned as well{the hard way} not to just throw them in my backpack as the lid will pop open and then you will have cheerios and goldfish everywhere. But if I tuck them in the side pocket of my bag they stack nicely on top of one another and we are good to go!

The straw is soft flexible silicon with a no-spill valve that open with lip pressure. It seems to be easy to drink out of and I feel better about as it is less dangerous. It is a wee bit tricky to clean and get the straw back in but for a serious o spill cup I don't mind the challenge.

Canada's Baby Store has a huge selection of Nuby products as well as Walmart Canada.

I've partnered with Nuby Canada to giveaway one Sure Grip Map - head on over to my Instagram to enter! You will also want to give Nuby Canada a follow on Instagram and you can also check them out on Facebook here. 

Disclaimer: All items c/o Nuby but as always, all thoughts and reviews are 100% my own. Thank you again Nuby!

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Leigh said...

Can D and R teach Amelia how to be a good eater?! haha though I shouldn't be surprised since I was such a picky eater. We have a bunch of their sippy cups and love them!

Ashley said...

I hope so win!!! Em has started chucking her plates!!! Trouble!! She suddenly isn't eating very well, I'm hoping it's the ear infection or teething, instead of her being picky... but she is my kid haha!!