{week + end rewind}

 Well happy Monday. It's seriously SO gorgeous outside! We had to get groceries this morning but otherwise we have been in the backyard, we even had a picnic lunch. 
Rewinding back...Wednesday I was off and when I asked D what she said she wanted to do she said go for a walk where Cruz can swim. This is also where she gets treated to 5 cent candies usually too. :) Smart girl. It was a beautiful day so we had a great walk.

Hoodie: c/o Mountain Tots, Harems: c/o Portage & Main

 We got these new cups from Nuby Canada and they are great, water in the bottom, snacks up top. The kids think they are so cool. More on this company to come. :)

Ryder was obsessed with the ducks. He cried big fat tears when we had to leave them. I may be a little nervous about our zoo trip! ha

 Backyard time after our second walk.

Wednesday night I had my girls dinner at Pulcinella's. As always it's a highlight of my month and we always have a great time catching up. My pizza was so odd though. It was separated into 4 quadrants if you will and each section had 1 topping. Artichokes on one, ham on one and mushrooms and one - and cheese on the last!? What the heck. So only 1 piece had cheese. Don't order the Quatro Stagioni. :)

Thursday was another amazing weather day so after gymnastics it was outside time! Gramma Debbie came to watch gym so D was pretty excited. She did a forward roll on the beam this week, backward rolls and turns on the beam too!

 ^ top and batman pants Portage & Main

 It did get windy for our second walk but we still had fun with hopscotch and bike rides.

This new tee of D's from Gilby's Threads is one of my favorites!

Thursday night I taught a full Surfset class and it was a fun one! I have been trying to research new moves and create some of my own so it's been fun trying new things and getting good feedback.

Friday I had my own agenda for after preschool. Cookie Dough at Crossiron mall! :) It's new in the food court and I have been wanting to try it out. We shared the classic chocolate chip cookie dough and it was definitely delicious. It was a little pricey in my opinion for what you get {$7 for that little cup} but it was a fun treat and the kids were excited. 

It must seem like all we do is walk. :) Here we are walking again...ha

 ^ Beanie c/o a Instagram win! Cloud Co, Leggings Simply Love

Saturday morning we hung out at home and did hair cuts for Justin and Ry, baths and played outside before naps and then Hayden's 1st birthday party.

The decor was impressive!!! Julia's sister is an event planner so she took over and it was SO cute. The kids had a lot of fun with a bouncy castle in the basements, coloring, snacks, cupcakes and lots of kids! Hayden is the smiliest baby. Such a cutie. I was exhausted when we left!

Saturday night Justin and I watched Passengers. It was really good, I loved it.

Sunday we made a quick stop at Jeff & Jolie's to feed Junie and then hit the road for Canmore. I have been wanting to get to the mountains forever and finally we found a nice day that worked! 

We ventured up to the lakes past the Nordic center and it was chilly! So thankfully down in town it wasn't at all. Don't let this photo fool you, Justin was not happy about taking it with me. ;)

We went for a nice walk along the river and to the bridge.

We were all rocking our Live Love North shirts - meaning I told them that's what they dress code was - so we of course had to take some photos for Jessica who designs and draw all these shirts. She now has this whole mountain family collection - mama, baby, child and her newest 'man' that she was excited to get Justin in!

 My hat is a local company called Local Laundry. It's my new favorite accessory for sure. And funny story... I instagrammed this photo and tagged Local Laundry in it, one of owners messaged me and said he was in Canmore with his fiancee too and saw us on Main Street and said it made his day as it was the first time seeing one of their products outside of Calgary! Such a small world.

 We walked around and checked out a few shops before heading to the candy shop and then we had lunch at the Iron Goat. The kids did so good and ate a ton. 

We lucked out and found the helmet Justin wanted to get Ryder at one of the local bike shops. We actually bought the pink one for D also {in a bigger size} as she is growing out of hers. Ryder's face when we put it on him and showed him in the mirror at the bike shop was priceless. He was SO happy. Now he just needs a bike and to grow an inch. :)
The kids and I napped on the way home so we left Justin to have a quick nap when we got home and we headed out with Cruz for a walk/bike ride in the ravine.

 Her new helmet makes her extra speedy for sure! We did some more bike riding and chalk on the driveway with Daddy and made the kids waffles for dinner as Justin and I were still full from lunch.

It's Spring break week so it may be a little quiet around here {this message is mainly for Gran & Nana :)} but I'll be back Monday if I don't pop in before then. 

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Bex said...

That's so weird about that pizza!! I would have layered them together lol
I love that hat. I've been following Local Laundry for awhile! Looks good on you.
Liam has that same helmet too!

Amber said...

That hat is so cute, love it! You are all rocking Live Love North shirts, also love that :) Isn't it funny how much kids love walks? When I have my nieces or little cousins over for sleepovers they LOVE taking the dog for a walk, it's such a fun activity for them. Haha

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Well, you guys do do a lot of walking! ;) I find it takes me FOREVER to get both kids ready to go for a walk! How long does it take you? I'm assuming you have it down to a science seeing as how you go twice a day! Any tips?! ;)

I love you guys all in matching shirts! And what beautiful photos you guys got while in the mountains! Hard to believe we were only there last weekend and it was so chilly (and gloomy). Is that photo of you and Justin a timer pic?? So good!

And Ryder's new helmet is awesome! I had such a hard time finding one that fit Sully and I don't even really like it. I will have to look for this brand?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I was impressed with your matching shirts! I'm so happy spring is here, cabin fever was real lately.
I was just looking at those helmets at Mastermind for the girls!

Nikki said...

I love how active y'all are and how y'all are always outside! We can not wait for the weather to break so we can be outside all the time!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Glad the weather was so nice in the mountains for you! Love those shirts and the hat looks great on you!

Poor Ry- does D's strider have 2 seats or just one? Last year Leo was too short for the larger seat but he complained the other seat hurt him bum. So we put the bigger seat on the bike and just had to watch that he didn't bottom out on the curbs!

Sometimes I wish we had a dog to force us outside for walks ;) Except on the really cold days- then I'm glad we don't!

Ashley said...

Love those mountain pics, ugh take me back!!! Haha!! That cookie dough sounds delish! I'll have to check out that movie!!!