{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend and I think this nicer weather is sticking around which makes us all very happy. Rewinding back...

I went to one of my SIL Crystal's barre classes one evening and it was definitely a booty kicking working out. I really enjoyed it and felt it the next day!

PS. You can still use code ALISON10 for $10 off a 10-pass or a new intro pass at Barre Body Studio - both locations!

The weather was so mild mid-week that we took advantage and went for a very slow walk/bike ride. D is so good and zips ahead but turns around and comes right back to check on us. Ryder cried for about 5 minutes chasing Delainey on her bike. He wants to ride a bike so bad it breaks my heart.

Happiest Outside tees c/o Live Love North

Muddy puddles makes things better.

Again with working on what is ok to pick up and not. No to bunny and coyote poop. Yes to rocks.

Delainey had gymnastics Thursday morning. She always asks to watch the big girls before class now. 

After gym we went to my Nana's house for lunch. The kids has lunch playing with her toys and of course having a dance party to the beach boys! They were spoiled with ice cream with chocolate sauce AND rice crispy squares for dessert after lunch. :) 
Ryder getting some shooting tips. 

At home while Ry napped D and I made green rice crispy squares with sprinkles for her preschool snack for St. Patrick's Day. She was pretty excited about it. She is a huge lover of all holidays and anything where you can dress up, decorate and makes things for.

Thursday night as always I taught a full Surf class - and Jeff came to class again! :)

She came home from preschool SO excited. When I dropped her off the preschool room was a mess - the toys, name tags and chairs were everywhere because of a pesky leprechaun. ;) They tried to find him all class but he was too quick so they were told to look at home for him. 
And that she did. She was on a mission! We facetimed with my parents when we got home and she talked a mile a minute telling them about it! {And again when Daddy got home!} 
We even searched the ravine on our walk and no such luck at finding that leprechaun. Maybe next year. :)

Preschool crafts are the best. 

We had a green picnic for lunch with lots of snacks. Ryder polished off almost that whole bowl of kale chips! Lots of Love Child Organics snacks so the kids were in heaven.

PS. Use code LoveChildBA to get 15% off on online orders at Snuggle Bugz

While D was at preschool we picked up some little Ryder size hockey sticks and Ryder is thrilled. The hockey sticks go everywhere with him and he's always searching for a ball. 
He's so chatty these days it's so fun. He wakes up asking for a "ball" or "wawa" {his water}. He loves pointing to photos and telling us who everyone is - he mainly calls Delainey "D" as we call her that a lot, but says Cruz, Ma, Pa, "Gamma" for Gramma..

This little vest belonged to a boy I used to work with - who is now 17. Vintage baby Gap. :)

Saturday morning waffles. Helping clean off the cool-whip spoon!

Saturday Ry and J went to home depot while D and I did our nails. We worked out before lunch and then I had a staff meeting at Illume. When I got home we enjoyed an awesome family walk as it was beautiful outside. Ry was happy with his hockey stick and D rode her bike,

We headed over to Leigh & Brian's for dinner after that. It was a super chill night of pizza, painting and playing. Ryder and Amelia gave each other big hugs too!

Got home and the kids went straight to bed and I requested a movie that didn't require me to think. :) This one did the trick, although I wouldn't say you should run out and watch it.

Sunday we did some chores around the the house, worked out, got groceries and went for a very windy play at the park and walk.

Justin BBQ'd dinner. Ryder was a stage 5 clinger so helped me in the kitchen.

Bike movies and bed. :) 2 days of work for me and then SPRING BREAK!

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Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I am so happy it is spring!! I was thinking the other day that we should really plan a get together with us girls and kids in the new few months - thoughts? I miss you all!
A totally saw a photo of D on her bike and wanted to ride her bike right then but it was stuck in the shed :(
I am going to check out the pouches online, Chloe is being difficult this past week and those are the one thing she will always eat! Thanks :)

Ange // Cowgirl Runs said...

The weather last week did wonders for my mood! I'm so glad we're moving out of the winter rut!

Leigh said...

Wish I would have been able to make it with you to that class. Next time! Thanks again for coming over- we need to do it more often. Maybe once the weather is nice and we can BBQ :)

kris. said...

What a great weekend - your kids are just adorable! My brother was OBSESSED with all sports that had a ball (basically, all sports) when he was young so I remember those mini sticks all over my house growing up!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ry and his hockey stick is the cutest thing!! He doesn't hit anyone with it??

Oh D looking for the lepruchon!

So jealous for your full spring break! We should see if we can get together on one of my days off.

Gabriella said...

D is looking so grown up these days. What a beauty! Ryder is the cutest with his hockey stick. I love that he carries is around everywhere with him. Gotta start them young with the hockey love! I am working on my niece and we are practicing GO SHARKS! :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Right before Emmy was born, Jim's parents were here already so Jim and I went out to see a movie and stupidly picked Keeping Up with the Joneses. Not that it wasn't cute, but I was like "we NEVER get out to a theatre - why in the world did we pick a silly movie?!" Still shaking my head on that one lol.

Looks like we missed out on great weather this weekend! I'm sooo ready for winter to go and never come back.

Ryder and his stick are so cute! Sully was obsessed with balls at that age, but not hockey sticks. Although now he loves watching hockey with daddy.