{week + end rewind}

 Happy Monday! It's supposed to warm up and the kids I think are on the mend so bring on a new week! Rewinding back: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we spent a lot of time in the house with the kids being sick and it being FREEZING outside. Womp. We did get out for our walks but they of course were bundled up and I was the cold one. So we did MANY craft activities, pulled out new games and everything we could think of!

Ryder too loves painting and a new set of paints is always exciting because after a while they are all a lovely shade of brown.

Delainey refused to nap all week even though she was sick so I enforced reading & cuddle time after her own quiet time that never lasts long enough. This mama can never say no to her sweet face asking for cuddles.

Tee ^ c/o Artee and Me - Local Calgary, AB

We got these new tees from little + co which is a shop run by 2 sisters out of Vancouver. I want every top in their Hop-hop collections. Seriously, so fun.

^ man I love this face!

This boy and his hats!

^ Portage and Main harem pants, Posh Panda mocs

Are you singing both those songs now? Because I was all day long. :)

We skipped preschool on Friday but I had to make a quick return at the mall from an online order which ended up not happening anyways, grrrr. But we did grab a bag of free kernels popcorn {using a punch card that apparently they stopped using 9 years ago - the nice man told me to clean out my wallet more often but still let Delainey pick out a bag!} Whoops. And I had a coupon for 4 free scoops of salad from dirtbelly so we grabbed those to take home. Oh man I could eat this everyday for lunch, they were SO good and it lasted me for 2 lunches.

The only downfall was Ryder threw off his toque at some point and even when I looped back I couldn't find it. So sad. So long giant pom pom hat. :(

^ sweatshirt Tribe is Alive

She loves Candy Land now {must be watched, she's kind of a cheater!} and Cruz was getting right into it.

Handsome dude. He's was so cute Saturday morning. He fell asleep on me in our bed during our morning cuddles and then almost fell asleep on the stairs! He does not fight naps like his sister and we often have to wake him up from his naps! Who is this kid?

^ Romper c/o Vi & Jax from Strathmore

Saturday was another lazy morning kinda day.

I met up with Barb, Nicole and Julia at Little Modern Market in the afternoon for a little shopping. I also got to meet Kayla from Posh Panda finally so that was fun and picked up a couple new pairs of mocs for Ry to grow into.
After that I headed over to Inglewood to help set up for the big fundraiser my work was putting on and then made it home in time for dinner and the kids bedtime.
Justin and I watched Arrival this weekend as well. It was definitely different but I quite liked it as it was very interesting as well.

Sunday we ran a few errands and made brownie cupcakes for Uncle Troy's {belated} birthday dinner we were hosting that night.

Crystal, Troy, Emerson, Nixon and Debbie came over in the early evening and we had a fun night with everyone for sure.

I just love this photo!!  All 4 kids looking and smiling! :) Took team work between Troy and I but it's one of my new favorites.

And that's all folks. Bachelor Finale night tonight - Jolie and I are ready for 3 hours of fun after the kids are in bed! :)

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Bex said...

Liam needs the No Diggity shirt - we love that song.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Those t-shirts are to die for!
I spent a half day at home with the girls last week and felt like we did 100 activities in a few hours just to keep sane haha - we need nice weather!! I hope we are on our way to it now :)

Ashley said...

I am all for Canadians, but I wish he picked Raven haha! I ended up buying that paint, can't wait to try it with Noah! I can't imagine no naps! We are under quarantine with pink eye... luckily day we aren't missing too much with a fresh snow storm.... soo ready for spring!!

Stacy said...

I love their shirts! I haven't seen Arrival yet but an acquaintance of ours, his daughter is in it. Hope it's warming up out there...we are in the middle of a march snow storm.

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Love the shirts!! And I love Candy Land!! I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to play it!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, getting all 4 kids to look at the camera and smile is a huge accomplishment (or a huge stroke of luck?)!! We have cold and snowy weather here as well as I'm SO OVER IT! I was whining last night to Phil about how I am so tired of being cold! This is the time of year where I just do not like living in Minnesota! It will warm up here this weekend, though.

That's awesome that D is old enough to play Candyland now! I think the cheating thing is common w/ kiddos that age as I have to watch my nieces and nephews to make sure they don't cheat, too!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

What paints are those? I need to get more water colours- the kids are making such a huge mess with acrylic paint!

Oh nooooo so sad about Ry's hat!! Leo lost his scarf at the library and I almost cried!

One time my Mom called Audrey out for cheating at a card game and she cried!

Nice blue tongue, D!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Hahaha @ the 9 year old punch card in your wallet. This is totally something I do too. ;)

Love those lyric shirts. No Diggity is one of my all time favourite songs. You need to look up the Ed Sheeran mashup of it and Thrift Shop - SO good!