{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday! And happiest of birthdays to my brother!
Well we have had a busy but great week - other than Justin being sick most of the weekend of course. Rewinding back...

Wednesday night Jeff and Jolie treated us to a night out with them {& Scotty} at National for a Brewmaster Feast with Parallel 49 Brewing Company.
It was in fact a FEAST! There was so much food and it was all incredibly delicious. I actually liked all the beers too especially Jerkface 9000.

 It was such a fun night with them and we got to chat with the brew master too who was quite a character. We are looking forward to going to another for sure. Thanks again guys & thank you again Mom, Dad & Gran for having our 3 for a sleepover!

Thursday morning I picked the kids up for gymnastics. Ma & Pa came to watch and D was very excited!

Ryder got a new shirt from our friends at Portage and Main. Kind of perfect for our hockey sticker lover!

My brother made this stick for Ryder and he is obsessed with it. He needs to work on his safety with it though! ;)

New Posh Panda moccs too - SO soft.

The face when I tell him he isn't allowed to hit Mom with the stick. 

We did some chalk after our walk as per Delainey's request. Ryder prefers to put the chalk in puddles and make one giant mess.

I taught a full Surf class on Thursday night and my brother came again! :) Love that.
Two crazies ready for preschool drop off Friday morning!

It was a such a beautiful morning so we did some exploring and photo taking! That sky.

 our tees c/o small + mighty

After preschool we made a Costco trip for diapers, berries, fig bars and whatever other goodies we found.

During Ryder's nap Delainey and I made Uncle Jeff brownie cupcakes for his "party". When I asked her what kind she was adamant Uncle Jeff only likes chocolate and wanted to decorate them with M&Ms cause those are his favorite. :) I think she meant HER favorite!

Raglan c/o Be Loved Handmade

 Beautiful ravine walk! I wish this weather would stick around.

The drive way was finally clear of ice so we could finally ride her bike, she's been asking a lot these days!

And this is pure torture for Ryder. He wants to ride SO bad. He just needs to grow a wee bit taller! He can straddle the bike and walk just isn't big enough to sit and touch the ground yet even with the seat as low as it goes - trust me we've tried!

 Oh and this outfit... She came out of her room with these shorts on over her pants and this sweater so she could match Ryder. And refused to change footwear to ride her bike. :) Sometimes you just gotta go with it!

We iced and decorated the cupcakes before Justin got home for dinner. 

Saturday morning we had a family dentist date! I went first - can I just say I miss the dentist when they just picked at your teeth with tools. I realize the new technology must be much more effective but these fancy machines hurt! I was so glad when my hour was up. Next up was the kids. Delainey did so good and even let them polish her teeth a little. Ryder on the other hand clenched his teeth shut so hard that we had to have Just come out fro his appointment to help out. He is the teeth brusher in the house with the kids so he's the pro!

After that I headed out for a super fun private class at Rumble with the Blog Squad. More on this later in the week.

We were even treated to a little celeb encounter afterward with Ewan McGregor and Mary Winstead who was having a private boxing session in the ring.

 I arrived home to Justin not feeling so hot. But we all got ready to head out to Mom and Dad's for family dinner. We had a great visit with Gran and Rachel {Justin not so much} as well a delicious dinner.

"Sleeping" with Uncle Jeff and reading to Auntie.

 We celebrated Jeff's birthday a little early and Delainey was super excited about the cupcakes she made. 

We came home and I put everyone to bed and I curled up on the couch only to find that I had nothing to watch and nothing was on TV so hit the hay early as well!

Unfortunately Justin did not wake up feeling better so he stayed in bed most of the day and thankfully Mom, Dad and Gran could come over to play with the kids while I hit up another workout with the Blog Squad - barre this time at Barre Body Studio. Again more on this to come.

We spent the rest of the day playing, bathing and getting ready for our week.

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Chelsea said...

Look at that snow!! so Cray bc in FL its 70's.... What a fun weekend

Bex said...

That brewmaster dinner sounds awesome. I'll have to try the Jerkface, I haven't had that one yet.

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

D in her little gum suit is so stinkin' cute!!
I love that Panda top of D's, Chloe has pants in that print but she needs to grow!! Lol
Sad I missed seeing you all this weekend but am going to plan to get there this spring or summer - so keep me accountable! haha

Jen Rawson said...

That dinner sounds amazing. I know a few people who have been and always rave about them.

Nikki said...

Boxing and kickboxing are my favorite workouts!

Kaella Carr said...

Looks like you had a great workout! So happy I got to spend a little time with you (even if it is always too short haha!)

Leigh said...

I wondered what that beer event was that you guys went to. And who are you liking all of those beers?! Haha :)

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Ah love those photos you took in the rocks! Self timer?! Love your jeans too. Glad you were able to make it out for both classes this weekend, even though I feel like we barely got to talk! :( I miss not having gymnastics together :(

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The cupcakes turned out great! I actually remember when you guys decorated cupcakes for his birthday last year - funny the things we remember! They look great - you are so good at frosting cupcakes. Mine never look that good!

Sorry to hear Justin was under the weather. I was sick last weekend and now Phil is getting it. :( Tis the season I suppose!