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It's been a while since I have done one of these. I always say I wish I took more notes of the things she says but I am thankful for the ones I do have. Delainey is at such a fun age, sure it has it's many challenges... like the whining, the struggle at dinner time, the crying at the drop of a hat...but I will miss this age for sure. She's hilarious and so often I just have to squeeze her because she makes each day better and so much fun. I feel incredibly lucky when I get to spend my days with her.
On to come of the silly things she says...

Ryder had pooped and clearly was stinky. D: "Ry you smell like the farm. Go see Mommy"
{I don't know where she gets this, we've never been to a smelly farm!}

Just this past week when the kids were sick I had kleenex in every pocket it seemed and tucked in my bra/sports bra. I over heard Ry sneeze and Delainey immediately say "Oh Ry go see Mommy she has a kleenex box in her shirt".

I was getting dinner ready and Delainey wanted to paint so she was whining that I was "taking too long" to get her paint things ready. She clearly had had enough waiting and said "Mommy you are impossible to work with".

We were talking about what we should take to preschool for show and tell. She had already taken Kitty Cat and her Peppa Pigs so I told her to think of something special to bring. She put her finger to her lip like she does when she's thinking {love this!} and she said "hmmm Uncle Jeff is special but he's toooooo big to fit in my preschool bag".

After her and I read a bed time story in her room. I always cuddle with her and she always says "can you stay here forever and ever?" and now I always come up with a silly reason why I can't. But the other night it was after my Surf class so I said I couldn't stay forever and ever because I was hungry as I hadn't had dinner yet. D whispered "maybe Daddy will sneak us some strawberries"

I was getting ready one day and had just finished my hair. Delainey "I sure like your hair Mommy, You look just like a dog" {Ummmm thanks?!}

One morning Delainey was getting dressed in her room but showed up in mine naked {screaming naked baby cause that's a fun game we play!} She asked me if I wanted to match today {meaning wear the same clothes} 
Me: Of course! You go pick something and tell me what to wear. 
{We have enough twinning things that she does this regularly.} She came back wearing the panda top above and her short faux leather mini skirt...I laughed and told her I did have those 2 things in my closet.
D: Oh Mommy that's "disappointed" me. Maybe next time we go to Walmart we buy you them cause then we'd be a soooo cute!
{Note: Top & skirt are not from Walmart, she just thinks you can buy everything at Walmart!}

While grocery shopping there was a little boy having a meltdown. Delainey: "Mommy that boy needs to take some deep breath or you are going to make him sit on the stairs to calm down".

While driving. D to Ry: "Buddy you keep whining like that you gonna make Mommy's head explode"

While eating a cookie she gave me about half that she had left and said "you put this in the fridge please I gonna finish is next year". {Clearly confused with yesterday, next week, next year still! :)}

D has noticed my c-section scar before and has asked about it and I always tell her the same thing, that that's how the doctor had to get her and Ryder out of my belly when they were born. She usually just leaves it at that {thankfully}. Most recently though she replied with "well that was not very nice. Did Daddy get mad at him and give you a band-aid?"

We were on a walk and it was cold out so I told the kids that they had to stay in the stroller, no getting out in the ravine. D to Ry: "It's ok Buddy. I here to keep you warm. Oh you want me to help you eat your popcorn. Ok buddy I will." 
{I can't wait for him to talk and say get your hands outta my snack bowl you piggy!}

D to Cruz as we were leaving the house. "Tuz you be good girl. No eating Mommy's underwear".

We were talking about babies yesterday as I was showing her a photos of my friend Sara's new baby and D asked if we was going to have another baby. I told her no, I had my Delainey and my Ryder and that's all I needed. D: "Oh good cause I got my hands full with Ryder"

Delainey was whining {shocking} and I told her that her whining was not my favorite thing at all. D: "Do you want me to get you some ice cream? Cause dat's your favorite!"

I have been asking Delainey to remember 3 things she did at preschool and 2 friends she played with lately so I don't get the "I don't know" answer every day. She always tells me she played with "Bemnett and Batul" so I asked if she ever plays with other kids. Delainey: "Nope. Just like you only play with me, Ry, Tuz and Daddy because we is your favorites". Touche.

Thank goodness she's mine. 

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kris. said...

Oh my goodness, this is super cute!

Bex said...

These are SO cute!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I need to write more down, I always say I will and forget! These are all so cute!
I love the "I got my hands full with Ryder" - Avery tells me Daddy needs a baby brother all the time ;)
It is so funny the things they pick up on and remember. And I agree some moments I think this is the sweetest, fun age and then other moments I want to run away from her ;)

Angela Williams said...

The "you're impossible to work with" comment made me laugh so hard. I have a weakness for sassy kids, even though I fully recognize they can be a royal pain :)

Nikki said...

"well that was not very nice. Did Daddy get mad at him and give you a band-aid?" HA! Thats awesome! I love the things the kids come out with! #babybigtruck does the finger to the mouth when she thinks and says ummmmm

Geneviève Désy said...

She's hilarious!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my goodness, these are hilarious! Love how she's quite the little 'momma' to Ryder. And it's cute how she calls him buddy! And yah, he'll definitely be telling her to get her hands off his pop corn when he can use his words!!

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Haha, the farm one is funny!! And the kleenex! Kids just say the funniest things!!

I like the idea of having her remember 3 things she did a preschool and 2 friends she played with! I'll have to remember that!

Leigh said...

Oh man, these are so cute!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh man, these are all hilarious and so, so precious! Good thing you wrote them down! I usually make notes in my phone, but the last month or so I wasn't, and of course you never remember what or how they said it, like you think you will. The smelly farm one - so funny. Where DO they get these things from?! LOL

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I am dying laughing at everything D says!! I can just hear her sweet little voice saying all those hilarious things! How do you remember to write this stuff down? I was writing one thing down a day but I've gotten far behind on that :(