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On Sunday I had the opportunity to try out another class with the Blog Squad

at  Barre Body Studio. I had taken a class at this studio before but it was a couple years ago now when my SIL Crystal started teaching there so I was excited to be back.
BBS has 2 location in Calgary and 1 in Edmonton {and Crystal teaches at both Calgary locations}!

The studio we were at was the Ramsey location and it is a really beautiful space with exposed brick, unique lighting and just has really great character and charm about it. It almost feels cozy even though you know you're about to get your butt kicked.

The locker rooms had little baskets with deodorant, hand cream, hair ties, magazines etc for you to use as well as showers and blow dyers to freshen up after class. 

Barre Body Studio's website explains that Barre is a low-impact workout that incorporates elements of yoga, pilates and dance {mainly ballet}.
They offer many different types of classes including {but not limited to}: Barre Body Fit, Barre Press, Barre+Core+Stretch, Barre.Tone.Sweat, BBS Bangin' Backside, as well as Mommy & Me classes.

Upon arriving at the studio we were treated to little gift bags with a water bottle and a few coupons and 2 free classes {thank you BBS!} and then we quickly put our belonging in a locker before heading into class....to take photos of course!

AngeLeighJenKaellaBrie, myself, BeckyLaura

You do need grip socks for class but you can also borrow them from the studio for a couple bucks and the money goes to a local charity. You will also want water.

Lanette led us through an incredible workout that incorporated the entire body and had everything screaming at some point! Lanette was great. I love that she did practically the entire workout with us, was encouraging, tweaked our form and made us laugh. Her cool down song had us all giggling.

I also love that we used a combination of different torture devices - I mean equipment. ;)
We had 3lb and 5lb weights. a ball, a disc and a band. Oh that band in reverse chair..

Our class consisted of a warm up, arms, cardio sets, legs and then mat work that consisted of core and inner thigh work and we wrapped up class with a cool down. There was no actual "barre" portion to this class using ballet positions which was totally ok with me but I know some people love that about barre.

Each set of exercises involved high reps of small range of motion movements {think little tiny pulses and holds} that gets your arms, legs, core and booty a burnin' and shakin'!

Overall it was a great class and I loved the variety. I liked that it was low-impact and totally different from what I typically do in my current workout line up.

BBS also has the cutest branded tanks and a great little merch boutique that I tried not to look at! :)

 Single drop in: $25
1 month intro pass: $65
5 card pass: $112
10 card pass: $195

And you can use code ALISON10 to get $10 off a 10-card pass or a 1 month new client intro pass!

I am already registered for Crystal's BBW Bangin' Booty class on Tuesday at the Bow Trail location if anyone wants to join me!

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Thank you again BBS for having us, Ange for organizing as well as Laura, Leigh & Ange for photos!

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Angela Williams said...

Oh I love that you're going to Crystal's class next week!! I went to her class last night and my face had her laughing!
I also recommend not looking at the tanks and sweaters, I swear I'm buying something there every other week!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I need to get to a barre class!

Jen Rawson said...

I've never been to the Bow Trail location before. I've somehow never bought one of their tanks though I've wanted to so many times

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love barre! I bought a 3 months bride-to-be special unlimited package. I've been trying to go 3 times a week which is challenging some weeks. It's such a unique workout! I love that it works all of the areas of your body. I usually use 2 lb weights for most of the upper body stuff and am always surprised by how heavy they feel since there is no rest and soooo many reps!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I can't wait to try this studio after baby!! I am so disappointed I couldn't make it to this class :( I'm thinking of taking a Mommy and Baby class when the older 2 are in school, if scheduling works out.

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I really love Barre - I just wish the locations were more convenient for me! This class was killer! And I only used 2 pound weights hahahaha. I do like when there's more actual work done at the barre though (channels my inner ballerina ;) )