{week + end rewind}

Happy Tuesday. Well am I ever ready for this week. The gastro bug hit our household hard last week so I feel like I did laundry and cleaned for 5 days. But let's rewind shall we...
Monday Jeff & Jols came over for some dinner, Bachelor watching & working on bikes!
Tuesday and Wednesday I worked.
Early Thursday morning{1am} I was hit with the bug so I spent the morning trying to survive with 2 kids basically. I had a real "Mom moment" trying to make the kids breakfast while getting sick into the sink and then had to lay on the floor next to them while they ate because I was boiling up. It was by far one of my hardest mornings. In hindsight I should have called Justin home sooner than he decided to come home or called my Nana or Debbie.
Anyways we did some Valentine's crafts after lunch and then thank god for nap time because I had a great nap when they did.

Friday Delainey had preschool so this stud and I got groceries and then did laundry and cleaned.

That night Delainey complained of an itchy tummy before bed and kept crying about her itchy tummy. Turns out itchy means upset and the poor girl threw up for about 5 hours straight.
Thankfully she finally got to sleep and woke up good as new asking for waffles.
Bath time to wash those sickies away {or just passing them on to Ryder!}

New trick: I wash their hair and they rinse each other! They think it's the best and no tears!

Insert me wishing I was where my Mom and Dad are. 
And I plan on being as fit as them at 60. Holy abs.

Saturday we took it easy. More painting, playing, laundry and cleaning. ;)

Sunday I snuck out to celebrate Brie's second baby Emmy at her shower Leigh threw for her.
Book themed for the book lover Brie!

It was so nice to hangout and chat without any kids running around like our usual visits!

I unfortunately got a call just as I was leaving that Ryder was now sick . :( My heart couldn't take much more. Watching your kids getting sick is by far the worst.

Ryder was a trooper and we got him to sleep just in time for you guessed it - Justin's turn!!
I stayed home yesterday to look after the boys and get the house sanitized and cleaned AGAIN! I am just so glad it's behind us!

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Bex said...

Man - what a rough go for all of you guys! Glad you're all better now!

Sawalter said...

Omg, I caught a bug as well as Grayson and it was horrible. I used to complain about being sick before kids, but when you and the kids are sick it is complete hell. Glad to hear that it is all over! I wouldn't wish it on anyone

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

This has been a bad winter for illness! I am ready for spring adn for all these things to go away!
I cannot imagine dealing with the flu - we have not had it yet, knock on wood - but it will come out way soon enough I am sure. I am happy you guys are all feeling better now!

Stacy said...

OMG Ryder is such a little dude...love his expressions!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, what a rough stretch of sickness for all of you! I hate the stomach flu SO much. Your tough morning of getting sick while caring for the kids sounded awful! I am glad it has passed through the house before your trip but it still sucks! Yuck.

Your kids are so adorable, though. They could be models! I love all of Ryder's facial expressions and poses!!!!

Leigh said...

Oh man, caring for kids is the worst when you have the flu. Been there and hope it never happens again!! Hope you guys are feeling better :)

Ashley said...

Sounds horrible!!! Glad it was short lived at least!! I can't even imagine!! I don't handle puking or puke well at all!!! Lol hope you have fun in vegas this week!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Sorry to hear the boys caught it too :( I'm impressed you made your kids breakfast- ours got granola bars when we had the tandem flu! They sure didn't complain!

I need to pull out the water colours for the kids! I love your card idea with Delainey's art!!

Bet you are excited for your trip!! Have the best time!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh man, gastro bugs are the worst! This sounds exactly like what we all got back in december. It was the first time Sully had ever been sick (throwing up) and it was so sad, and super upsetting for him. Oh my gosh - your parents are my new goals for life haha!! And thanks again for coming to the shower :) xo