{week + end rewind}

 Happy Monday! This weekend killed it in the weather department and we definitely took advantage.
Rewinding back to last Monday...Jeff and Jolie came over for dinner. Jolie and I watched the Bachelor after the kids were in bed and Jeff and Justin worked on Jeff's bike.
Tuesday I snuck out to Surf class as my favorite instructor was teaching Build.

I had my short week so Wednesday I dropped Delainey & Cruz off at Nana's so they could spend some time together. They played, baked cookies and had a very long dance party! Ryder and I ran a few errands and then joined Delainey and Nana for lunch. Nana made a delicious lunch with the kids favorites and they even had ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert. We all had a great morning.

Ryder also had a dance party at Made, he apparently liked their music and we had the place to ourselves so he had one big dance floor. PS. These Pickled Beet Fresh Rolls are SO good. 

Our afternoon walks have been so nice! Slow because they insist on holding hands but the sun has been shining and these two have loved being able to walk together. I love it too.

 Playground stops!

Thursday Whit and Fin came over for a play date/visit and the girls spent lots of time upstairs playing with Delainey's doll house together. Which means Whit and I had a great visit while Ryder played with the toy Whit brought for him that was East & Fin's.

 Another beautiful ravine walk.

Friday Delainey had preschool. Ryder and I came home so he could nap and my girlfriend Sara came over for tea and a visit. She is getting close to having her first baby so it was so nice to chat.

Justin came home a bit early so he joined us for our walk. Ryder pretty much ran the whole time!

We decorated the house for Valentine's Day and Delainey found her pasta beads from last year!

That night Justin and I saw Patriots Day. It was a really great, yet sad movie based on the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Saturday morning Justin headed out for a bike ride with Brian in Canmore.
It was such a mild day despite the wind so the kids and I ventured out to check out a different walking spot.

From there we met Uncle Jeff at the rink for a skate. She really did so well and was even doing some solo laps with out Jeff touching her!

Saturday night we watched Manchester by the sea. It was a very dark and depressing movie. I really like Casey Affleck but it was definitely was not a feel good movie at all and had a pretty disappointing ending.

Sunday we wanted to get outside as a family. I wanted to try Bill Hill Springs but as Justin suspected it was sheer ice. We tried hiking up but quickly decided it was a bad idea. So we packed up and headed to the ridge near our house instead. Much safer!

The kids had fun with the rocks at the top and it was SO warm!

 Tees c/o Locomotive Clothing
{PS. The ladies tees fit really small, I ordered a large and I am so glad I did!}
My leggings c/o Inner Fire. Both of these companies are in BC.

Gramma Debbie came over after nap time to do recital music with Justin and then we grabbed groceries quickly before dinner.

 Two goofballs while we made dinner!

 Leggings: Simply Love

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Ashley said...

Sounds like such an awesome weekend!!! Jealous of your weather! We got snow!!! Just as it was all gone... lol!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Big Hill is definitely so icy in the winter! I like the other one close by, but it gets so windy there! Wanna come decorate my house for Valentine's day?

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Those photos of you are so good!!
You guys had a great week, isn't it nice the girls can just go and play now? I love when Avery has friends over and watching them play is that best!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So envious of all your outdoor time! I've had a bad head cold all weekend so I was mostly in bed :(

What ridge is that? It looks like the one overlooking Country Hills golf course? Nice shots!! Love that shirt!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love that they want to hold hands while walking! What a sweet relationship they have! That is awesome that you guys have had such great weather! This winter has really not been as bad as it could have been! I just need more sunshine as it seems like it's been so overcast here in January!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Oh disappointing to hear about Manchester By the Sea! Jim and I almost snuck out to the theatre Friday night to see it but I didn't feel like going last minute. This might be a stupid question, but how do you watch these newer movies at home? Apple TV? I can't believe you need a large in that shirt! They do fit small then! Those pictures are gorgeous!