{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday! Another busy and fun filled weekend. Plus the weather has been so nice that we've been getting outside a lot which makes us all pretty darn happy. I worked 3 insanely busy days last week but we spent time in the backyard after work each day which was great.
Finally we had good snowman snow!

Ryder was pretty intrigued. He kept pointing to it and then at me and saying Wow! 

Chalk board time.

Mom, Dad and Nana came for dinner on Wednesday before Mom and Dad headed out for their big sailing trip.

Early morning play dough time.

Our ravine is still pretty much a skating rink now so the kids can't safely get out and walk so we took a drive to find a path that was clear. This is Delainey's favorite walking spot because we park at a convenience store so after our walks here I always grab a coffee and she gets a few 5 cent candies - we don't visit this spot often! It's usually Cruzie's favorite too as there are lots of ponds - this time she found a rodent that was no long living to roll in. Boo. That was a fun truck ride home.

Ryder was beyond thrilled to run and and explore. This new hat my Mom made is by far my favorite. So cute!
 Pants: Simply Love {Calgary}, Coat: Zara from Washed & Worn Kids {Great online consignment store local to Calgary}, Scarf: Acorn & Leaf {Calgary}

Once we got home it meant a bath for Cruz.I had 2 extra helpers which made it extra hilarious and extra wet. Oh well, they had fun.
After the kids {meaning Ryder} napped Uncle Jeff came over on his way home from work. We of course played in the backyard and we all had a blast.

I headed out to teach a full Surf Class - I love when all the boards are full! And came home to the kids having a full on dance party to bike videos of course!

Friday Delainey had preschool so Ry and I ran a list of errands and he was a trooper. D's class made this beautiful rice ring {everyone was asked to bring in frozen ice blocks to contribute}.

 Shirt & Beanie: Portage and Main, Pants: Auntie Tal's

One of our errands included picking up these adorable jeans from Little Demin Patch. He looks so cute stomping around in them.

Friday night Justin and I snuck out to the watering hole for appies as Gramma Debbie offered to come have dinner with the kids. We got home in time to put them to bed and then we started watching The girl on the train. I fell asleep so we had to finish it Saturday night. It was definitely different.

Saturday morning we had a quiet morning and then headed out to Amelia's birthday party.
 The kids enjoyed all the snacks, coloring, playing with friends and of course cookies and cupcakes!
Amelia was hilarious and HATED us all singing to her! 

We got home and the house went down for naps and I snuck out for a workout with the Blog Squad at Revive Lifestyle Fitness. It was a great total body workout{more about it later this week}!

Sunday morning I had a little date planned for my Peppa Pig lover. I happened to see on facebook that a local painting studio was hosting a "Paint with Peppa" party and I luckily got a spot and the studio was only minutes from our house!
I didn't tell Delainey what we were doing and she was just excited to be painting a pig. I wish I would have caught her face on camera when Peppa walked in. She was SO excited and it was the cutest thing. I may have teared up but that's just me.

Good thing her pig was pretty much completely painted because she could not keep her eyes off Peppa the rest of the time. She got many hugs and high fives.

They also provided each child with juice, 3 cookies and lots of treats and icing to decorate the cookies with.

And then they had a dance party. D was so pumped as it was all songs she knew {chicken dance, if you're happy, head and shoulders, hokey pokey...} and every time a song came on she would look at me and say "I know this song!"

It was such a great morning. After naps Debbie came over and Justin did oil changes on her car and ours while we played and then it was already time for dinner and to get ready for a busy week!

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Bex said...

That Peppa party is SO cute!

Leigh said...

You guys had a great weekend and weekend! That online consignment store is dangerous- must not click on the link haha. Your mom really does make the best hats! Amelia wears hers every morning to the day home and asks for it. Thanks for coming to the party!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Such a cute little date for you two! A is terrified of mascots, it's kinda funny ;)
Have you read book (Girl on a train)? I found the movie more disturbing than the book for sure.
The coloured ice looks so cool! I might need to try that!-

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Fun week! Love the snowman!

I'll have to check out that consignment store. That is the cutest hat on Ry!!

I read that book. I'll have to watch the movie.

Peppa Pig looks like so fun!! D looks so excited!

I used to hate Playdoh but now that the kids are a bit older it isn't so messy. Plus it occupies them for awhile! Although I still struggle with the colour mixing...

Leslie said...

The 5 cent candies would make that my favourite walk too! Seriously they are my weakness....
I have been wanting to watch that movie but wondered how it compared to the book. I always feel disappointed with the movie after I have read something.