{week + end rewind}

Hello! I'm back!
SO I have a lot of catching up to do. :) But that's ok. I knew no blogging would get done over the holidays especially with having Justin home with us. We were busy and had just the best time. Today I will rewind back to when we came home from the lake on the 30th {Christmas and lake posts to come}.
Delainey obviously enjoying her book on the way home. ha

We had dinner with Blake, Karen & Marcus the night we got back so it was nice to catch up with them. New Years eve day we took it easy at home. Ryder didn't want to nap so he slept on my chest for over an hour while I read. It was amazing. I read The Rosie Project and LOVED it,

I took the kids for a ravine sled ride which is even more of a workout than pushing the stroller.

Justin made us a delicious dinner of ribs and crab and both kids devoured everything. We watched this movie after the kids went to bed {strange but I quite enjoyed it} and indulged in champagne on the couch in our jammies and most definitely were asleep before mid-night!

We spent some time in the backyard sledding New Years day. Delainey just loves it especially once she worked up the confident to go by herself down the stairs. Ryder prefers spectating.

Reading & snuggles with Cruz.

We went to Jeff and Jolie's for dinner New Years day to visit with Rachel and James {who we haven't seen since New York!} so it was nice to catch up and for them to meet Ryder. Jeff and Jols made pizza and wings in their backyard pizza oven and as always was amazing.

I had a list of things I hoped we could do over the holidays including swimming and a few play places that are easier with 2 sets of hands. :) The highlight for the kids I think was Injanation {although they did love the pool too}!
Delainey was a bit small for some of the obstacle courses but she gave it her best shot and both kids has a blast on the trampolines {so did we}.

Delainey surprised us and wanted to climb this net and went WAY farther up then I would have {she was wearing a harness}.

Ry is cutting molars so chest naps were enjoyed.

We took Justin to the library and Delainey had to show him all the stops we make when we visit Vivo.

Justin and I saw this and both of us aren't sure what we thought of it. 

We all definitely enjoyed having Justin home with us the whole time I was off. He had to work from home a lot but it was better than him being at the office!

Justin joined me for another Surf Class and we grabbed a burger afterwards at the watering hole {thanks Ma & Pa for hanging with the kids}! I love having him come to class, especially because he enjoyed it again!

It weather was pretty darn cold most of the time which was too bad so we didn't get to Zoo Lights or out snowshoeing with the kids as we had hoped. 

Friday night I joined the Blog Squad for a class at LagreeYYC so more about that later this week.

Saturday we got a text from Jeff and Jolie asking if we wanted them to come hangout with the kids and we could go for dinner! We had no plans so we definitely took them up on that offer! They had dinner with the kids and put them to bed while we enjoyed a date at the Keg. 
Princess Ryder watching hockey with Uncle Jeff. He loves this crown. The next day when I asked D if they had fun she asked if Uncle Jeff and Auntie Jolie could come back again next week. ha

Jeff and Jolie stayed for drinks afterwards and I may have cursed them the next morning when 6:40am came very quickly after a 1am bed time. ;) We had a chill day planned as Justin was putting up cupboards in the laundry room {YES!!!} and Gramma Debbie was coming over to do music with Justin.
It was also Delainey Day! 4 years ago yesterday we had our first IUI that got us pregnant with this sweet face! We always celebrate these days as they are and always will be such a important day in our lives.

Typical Ryder.

And just like that we are back at work!

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Bex said...

Awww, that all sounds like so much fun. I want to take Liam to InjaNation some day!!

I LOVE that Justin comes to your SurfSet classes!!

Nikki said...

Awe sounds like a wonderful holiday break!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

You guys had a ton of fun! D did so good climbing, I'm very impressed.
I know what you mean about late bedtimes these days, seems like a good idea until you get 5 hours of sleep! Lol

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So much fun!!! Awesome that Justin had so much time off with you guys! That injanation place looks like fun! I still have passes to Flip Factory so I need to get there soon! Does D have any PD days coming up?

The slide and the stairs hill are awesome!!

Awww poor Ry and his teething cheeks! Still a happy boy! Enjoy those snuggles! I kind of miss them.

Leigh said...

That's awesome that Justin had some time off with you guys and could come check all of the things he normally misses out on :)