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This past Saturday I was lucky enough to join the Blog Squad for a great workout at Revive Lifestyle Fitness. Revive is a newer workout spot in Calgary {in Bankview - just off 14th street so pretty easy to get to} that opened up a few months ago

It's a beautiful studio. Right when you walk in you can see the workout room to your right and the rooms are all bright, modern and very clean. The change room has electronic lockers, showers with all amenities {towel service, shampoo, conditioner & body wash} and pretty water bottle refill station.
{And on your way out after your workout you can grab a complimentary hot tea or refill your water with cold infused water}

But let's chat about the workout shall we!?
Mike, one of the owners and our coach for the day, took some time to tell us about the studio and the workout he was going to put us through. Class sizes at Revive are always capped at 20 to give clients more instructor attention. They offer 3 types of classes {Fundamentals, Revive and Restore} but every day the workout will be different! 

Our class was a high intensity, low impact total body workout. It involved spinning, water rowing, kettlebells, TRX and our own body weight! Revive really focuses on LOW IMPACT moves to reduce the pounding of joints and therefore reducing the risk of injury.

We started the workout with 20 minutes of spinning. Mike got us set up on the bikes {they don't use heart rate monitors} but the bike uses Functional Threshold Watt {FTW} rates. These were determined by us entering our weight, age, sex and frequency of exercise per week {I think that was it!} 
There were 2 TV screens that showed us which training zone we should be in throughout the workout {blue, green, yellow or red} and for how long {with a countdown - love that!}

The screens on our bikes had a bunch of information shown for us {RPM, Watt, FTW%, calories burned, distance in miles, MPH...} and they changed color depending on which training zone we were each individually working in. Mike was great about coaching us thorough when to dial up or dial down on our bikes and when to get ready to change training zones.

The second part of the workout started off with watering rowing for 3 minutes and then we got into 2 AMRAP circuits as seen here:

I love kettlebell and TRX workouts so these were my favorite part of the workout. Justin and I had just talked about adding TRX to our basement "gym"!

The last part of the workout we buddied up and did a 10 minute partner workout. 1 partner rowed for 500m while the other partner did 10 burpees and then held plank until their buddy was done rowing!
Then we switched and continued this for the remainder of the 10 minutes but dropping the rowing distance from 500m to 400m to 300m and so on.

And then came a lovely stretch as I think we were all spent by this time {especially those who already ran or did another workout that day!}

The citrus mint infused cold towels while stretching were a definite perk!
All in all I thought this was a great overall workout and I liked that it wasn't high impact but we still all got nice and sweaty.

Jen, Myself & Mike.
{My blog squad tank went missing just in time for this workout - but don't worry it's been found!}

First class is always free so I definitely recommend you try a class at Revive! 
Prices as shown below for drop in or memberships.

Thank you for organizing Jen and to Revive for hosting us!
Thank you Laura & Leigh for some photos!

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Angela Williams said...

Once again, I love your pants! And I'm glad your tank decided to come up from the depths of your closet (I swear, I've lost mine at least twice!).
It was so good to see you Saturday :)