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This past Friday I was able to try out a Lagree YYC class with a few of the Blog Squad ladies and a bunch of Laura's friends. I have been wanting to give this workout a go since I saw it open up months ago so was excited for this one to come along on our list of workouts! 
They have 2 locations - one in Britannia {where we went} and another in Signal Hill.

Myself, Ange, Laura & Jen

What exactly is Lagree?
It was started back in 2001 after Sebastien Lagree moved to LA to peruse a career in the entertainment industry but found that more people were wanting his services as a personal trainer. Soon after that he began to craft the Lagree Fitness method and started dreaming up a new machine: The Megaformer. With this machine a system of resistance and counter resistance is used to place muscles under constant tension and to work them to exhaustion. The megaformer has various handles and straps that are used throughout the workout as well as bungees and a red pole.

Lagree a low-impact {easy on the joints} workout that features targeted exercise that are performed at a slow and controlled pace. You choose the amount of weight you are adding to the carriage of the machine {the piece in the middle that moves} by adding spring loaded color coded weights. Red added approximately 30lbs and yellow added 10lbs. The front platform and back platform are stationary.

We arrived at the studio and got set up with the free lockers in the change room and complimentary towels to use. There were 12 megaformers in the studio so we each picked our spot, put our grip socks on {a requirement} and eagerly awaited instruction! Our awesome instructor quickly gave us a run down of the machine and the Lagree method and we got started.

We didn't do much of a workout but got straight to some core work that BURNED! I definitely thought those first few moves were the toughest and still felt them a few days afterwards.
This workout concentrates on a slow 4 count in and a slow 4 count out and focuses on one muscle group and then moves on to the next. We did each exercise for the upper body for 1 minute each and for the lower body and core for 2 minutes {often felt way longer}!
I also found it interesting that we did the left side of the body entirely before moving on to work the right side. Typically you switch back and forth but maybe that's just me!

The pole to the left of us was used for balance if needed and we also used it as a weight during some core work as seen below.

There were also markers on the carriage with numbers so the instructor could tell you where to put your hands/feet/knees as well as where to put them to make a move harder or easier.

Overall I enjoyed the class and found parts of it more challenging than others. The first class is always free so I definitely recommend trying it out. I can definitely see how this method would be attractive to some people and how you'd get great results. I found the workout a little slow for my taste in workouts but I didn't dislike it.
I do think this workout would be good for any level of fitness which is great. Our instructor gave us great modifications if needed and always gave us an idea of how much weight to load the machine with so you can make it as simple or challenging as needed. 

All you need for this workout {other than the crazy megaformer!} is a pair of grip socks and water {even though I didn't drink any during class - whoops!}
Drop in is a hefty $35 a class so definitely take a look at their class packs if you want to take more than your first fee class. 

Thank you again for having us Lagree YYC and for organizing Laura.
I LOVE that Calgary offers so many fun and different workouts and for having a gang of friends to try them with.

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laura @ scribbles and sass said...

i agree, there are so many unique and great styles of fitness that are coming to calgary! aren't we lucky that we get to try them all? ;)