{Christmas 2016}

I was going to leave this post for next week but figured getting the whole holiday posted this week was a better idea, so be prepared for another photo filled post.
Once I was off work we made some Christmas cookies. Delainey loved the whole process of making them and of course decorating. Ryder enjoyed the eating process immensely.

Justin and I watched The Accountant. I quite liked it and think Ben Affleck played his character very well {a math savant} and I liked the appropriateness of the wording they used to describe the uniqueness of his character too.

Justin and I went to my work Christmas at a local brewery while the kids went to the Confederation lights and sledding with Ma & Pa.

Christmas eve we always go to my parents good friends Open House with them and Nana. The kids were a little excited so blurry photos were the only ones taken.

Once we got home they got their new Christmas jammies from Nana and Gramma Debbie joined us as well. The kids stayed up late and got ready for Santa to come. D left some cookies for Santa and oats for the reindeer. 
Reading The Night Before Christmas with Pa. 

Once the kids were in bed we had some appies & drinks and chatted before going to bed. 
Ryder slept until after 7 so that was nice. Delainey as SO pumped to see what Santa ate her cookies and the reindeer left a BIG MESS! We made some coffee and breaky to enjoy while checking out what Santa left!
Delainey was SO excited about her "Peppa Pig" that she wanted. After she opened it and played with it a bit we told her she had other presents to open as well as her stocking and she replied with "no thank you, I just want to play with Peppa Pig!"

Ryder's favorite toy was easily this drill from Nana that makes noise and lights up! He figured it out so quickly and both kids loved helping Justin build the cupboards this weekend their the tools!

shirts c/o Eva & Eli - instagram win and she offered to send an extra for Ryder!

Christmas dinner was a delicious joint effort with Mom, Nana and myself and Gramma Debbie joined us as well. We missed Jeff and Jolie this year as it was a NY Christmas for them.
We had a great meal and then just hung out and chatted afterwards. It was such a fun day.

The next day we headed out sledding in the ravine. Pretty sure Cruz enjoyed it the most but Delainey definitely loved it. There was a bit of a bump at the bottom so she always got snow in her face which ended in tears after every run but then she immediately wanted to go again!

Hot chocolate is her new favorite treat. With marshmallows if possible. :)

The next day we headed out to the lake for a few days. We totally lucked out and the weather was pretty mild so we could get outside without freezing!

Natural ice sculptures on the lake.

The kids went for little rides on the snowmobile. Not their favorite thing yet. :)

We also went for sled rides behind it. Delainey again was not impressed! ha

Cruz, Justin and I snuck out during nap time for a snowshoe. There wasn't a ton of snow but it was still fun and a beautiful day for it.

Delainey skated twice on the lake. She is getting more confident and standing taller and taking better steps! Hopefully we can get out on our community rink with her skating support when it warms up.

Sled rides were a big hit on the ice though!

As much as I love that lake in the summer, it's not so bad in the winter either! It was a great few relaxing days out there with my parents. 

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Bex said...

Aw, it looks like you guys had the best time. I love Delainey's hair bow on Christmas Eve. That's awesome that she's getting better at skating. We haven't been out yet this year because it's just been too cold!!

Stacy said...

I'm not sure if I mentioned these last year but we got our kids these things called Skateez and they go on the skates and act like "training wheels" they are great - Maddy felt more confident after having them and now doesn't need them.

Leigh said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! Delainey looks so cute with her hair curled :)

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

What an awesome Christmas! Holidays are so much fun with little ones :)
I'm debating getting Avery real skates but she only lasts a few mins so not sure its worth the money this yr. I've never been snowshoeing! I'd like to try it this year though!

Ashley said...

Sounds soo awesome!!! Those shirts are super cute!!! If we get the weather again (which I'm sure we will, I might get some cheap skates for Noah to try, a size they make a rink at the park here. I'm not a big fan of skating, but M will take him haha

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aw looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas! You got out and did so much! I felt bad cause I really couldn't do much this year (physically), so I'm excited for next year for sure! Ryder's outfit where he's standing in front of the tree is just adorable! Also, love your purple snow pants!