{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday! Our busy weekend flew by but it was a great one that's for sure. Rewinding back...Tuesday Mom and Dad came over for dinner as they just got back from Mexico so it was good to see them again!
Wednesday was Delainey's preschool Christmas concert/party. All the Grandparents and Daddy were there watching too so she had quite the cheering squad.

She did some singing and a lot of smiling and trying not to smile but it was SO cute and we were so proud. Santa surprised all the kids at the end too and they all received a new book.

Afterwards everyone had some treats/snacks. She is holding the ornament she made for us. :)

Afternoon walk. I let the screamer out for a few minutes so he would stop screaming! ;) Delainey prefers to stay in their warm bubble under their 3 blankets. :)

Thursday we went to the library - which always includes watching the swimmers and running the halls. We have a new runner in the family since we had been last so that made for an extra busy library trip.

New tops: Portage and Main - LOVE them! Leggings: Simply Love YYC, Beanie: Cooper & Fudger, Mocs: Posh Panda {RYDER for 10% off}

Ryder enjoyed taking books off the shelf and re-shelving them elsewhere. 

Post nap smiles - they were headed to Ma & Pa's for a sleepover!

Hair snap:Vi & Jax, Top & new sized up Totoro Socks: Portage and Main

Since the kids were out I signed Justin up for my Surf Class! Lucky him. :) It was an extra hard class because the heat was on in my room so it was a HOT SurfSet class but Justin did awesome and actually enjoyed it! Plus I loved having him see why I love it so much. Then we hit up the watering hole for burger night! ha

The kids had a great time at their sleepover as usual and helped Ma & Pa decorate their tree.
After preschool on Friday we took a trip up to my work for the bake sale! We bought lots of treats and the kids had fun playing, coloring and looking at Santa from a far. ;)

Saturday we met up with my parents, Nana, Jeff & Jolie out in Cochrane for a couple games of bowling! It was Delainey's first time {& Ryder's, he joined in too!} and everyone had a blast.

From there we swung by the house to pick up Cruz and then went back to Jeff and Jolie's for dinner. They are heading to NY for Christmas with her family so it was so nice to have a family dinner before they left. We stuck around as long as we could to see a few of their friends {I got some baby Nash snuggles} as they had a little house warming party afterwards.

Sunday Justin headed out for a snowy bike ride with Brian so we went over for a play date with Leigh & Amelia {& to see their pretty new house}. The kids had a blast and Leigh and I actually got to chat so it was a great morning. After naps we headed over to Gramma Debbie's for dinner and Christmas with them. The kids had so much fun and it was such an awesome night.

Delainey got a doll house {that I found on kijiji!} from Gramma and she is just over the moon. 
She couldn't believe it when she realized she got to keep it!

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Bex said...

I love that Justin came to your surf class!!
I also love that you sized up on the Totoro socks. I may have to get some for Liam. If only they came in mama size lol

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I cannot show A that doll house! She keeps asking for one but I told her Santa said they are too much money - good idea for Kijiji!
I need to take A bowling again, we did once and she loved it too.
Do you parents have a place in Mexico?

Leigh said...

Lucky D getting to have everyone come watch her Christmas concert :) Thanks again for the visit and girl chat :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

So much fun packed in!! Bowling is a good idea! We haven't taken the kids in awhile.

I bet D's concert was so cute!!

I bought Audrey the kitty socks and Leo the dino shirt! ;) And some hats! So hard to resist all the cute stuff!

Silly Ry wanting to run in this cold! At least it's warmed up a bit!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's awesome that Justin took a surfset class! How fun. I would love to check out that workout - we don't have it in this area yet, at least not that I know of!

Sounds like a fun and full weekend. Your kids always have the cutest outfits and the most clever shirts!!

Nikki said...

#babybigtruck got a dollhouse last year and plays with it daily!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

Aww what a great week(end)! I LOVE those t-shirts. I wish Sully would keep a beanie on indoors. The second we walk in somewhere, it's off! Haha. He also likes to re-shelf books at the library ;) That's so fun that Justin went to your surf class. I would be nervous to have my husband there lol!