{week + end rewind}

Happy Monday! It's a wee bit warmer out there I think?! I mean getting the kids out of the truck and into Gramma's this morning with their bags wasn't quite as painful as last week I think. ;) Plus only 5 more day of work...all about the positives.
Rewinding back to last week...Wednesday night I had girls dinner which is always a highlight of the month. Thursday I dropped Cruz and Miss D off to spend some time with Nana {not sure who loved this more Nana or Delainey} since we had the house cleaners coming. I ran a few errands with Ryder and then went back to have lunch with them which was great. Both kids ate a great lunch {even after they polished off her bowl of nuts & bolts} but it helps that Nana always makes some of their favorite things. Spoiled kids.
That night I taught a full SurfSet class and came home in time to put the kids to bed. 
Sleeping beauty. 

Friday Delainey had preschool and this little buddy and I had a market date with Delle so she could take a few photos for me for upcoming blog collaborations. It helps that my little side kick is a total stud.

leather bowtie clip c/o VI&JAX  in Strathmore

 We picked Delainey up and then headed out to get the kids their flu shots. Ryder needed his second dose and Delainey had the nasal spray option. Both were total troopers.

After naps we did some Christmas crafts. Ryder loved it - shaking an ornament with paint and a marble in it?! Yes please.

leather bowtie clip c/o VI&JAX 

After the kids were in bed we watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with champagne and a side of a pretty Christmas tree. Our little tradition.

Saturday morning Justin went out to pick up our Superstore Click & Collect order FINALLY. I had just spent Wednesday night singing praises about this program to the girls and then Thursday morning I got a call that my order was lost and therefore canceled. :( I re-ordered and couldn't get a pick up time until Friday night between 5-7pm. So packed the kids up right before dinner to get it, called to say I was there only to find out they were VERY behind as they were short staffed and my ordered wasn't going to be ready for a few hours after my time slot. Womp. I called back to cancel it as I had no desire to go back later but instead they promised it would be ready the next morning. It was ready for 9am and they gave us $30 off SO I will forgive them BUT it was a hassle.

Bath time shenanigans! He kept popping down and up and waving hi!

I was trying to get a photo of him like the one I have of Delainey in this outfit. He's such a cooperative boy. ;)

Headband c/o VI&JAX 

Watching Daddy shovel.

 Delainey's handmedown outfit from Mini Em

Christmas books are a hit.

Most patient dog award goes to...

When Daddy pulls out his snacks he always has friends.

Saturday night Leigh picked me up and we headed to Brie's for our Blog Squad Christmas party. We were missing a bunch of ladies but we had a great time eating, visiting, some drinking {3 of these lovely ladies are pregnant!} and doing a fun gift exchange.

 Nicole, Kris, Leigh, Jen. Brie, Ange & myself

Sunday morning we face timed with my Mom, Dad, Grampa & Chris and then headed out to the mall for our annual photo with Santa. Leigh, Brian and Amelia joined us which was great as there was a bit of a wait so the kids played and the Dad's waited in line {without complaining}! 

A quick workout with Santa!

Delainey did so good and even chatted with Santa {even though he couldn't really understand her and thought she wanted a puppy and a pig instead of Peppa Pig}! ha

Not too shabby!

After a quick Gramma visit during lunch and naps the kids and I headed out for Christmas with my girlfriends {missing 2}. We had a great spread of food as always and had a nice visit even with 7 kids 3 and under! 
We had a kids book exchange which was a real hit this year too.

I asked Delainey to look after Hayden for the photo and she took her job very seriously. 

 Charlie & Frankie {Krista's}, Taylor & Ivy {Barb's} Hayden {Julia's}

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Chelsea said...

They are so darling ;) Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

You guys had a really busy weekend too! I'm dying over D's outfits, especially that last one with the fur vest! Your Christmas tree is gorgeous! I think I need to invest in ribbon for mine next year as it seems everyone's looks so much fancier with it ;) So great to see you this weekend! Yay for last week of work!!

Ragil said...


Bex said...

You guys had a busy weekend! The photos with all the kiddos are so cute. I'm sad I wasn't able to come visit for the Christmas party!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I was happy to be at home last week though we had a few mornings to be out of the house before 9am which was tough! Prepping myself for Jan lol.
Great Santa photo and love the kids outfits! Too funny about Pepa Pig, Santa needs to read up on what kids want these days. Our Santa thought Avery wanted a power wheels Barbie car vs a car for her barbies which I quickly corrected.
Wish I could have joined you ladies at the party, next time!

Jen Linton said...

That's a fit santa! I've been attempting some Xmas crafts over here but someone decided he doesn't like paint anymore!!

Gabriella said...

Ryder's bow tie, and D's vest....stop it! They are always dressed so cute. The picture with Santa turned out so great, and I love that all the blog girls got together. Such a fun idea!

Leigh said...

Are the ornaments glass or plastic? It's a fun idea! Thanks for letting us join you to see Santa. The kids kept each other entertained and same with the husbands ;)

Ashley said...

There must be something in the water out there haha. Soo excited for the girls though!! Sounds like a weekend filled with fun!!! Love Ryder in those bow ties!!

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

I better get a bow tie for Leo before it's too late! I keep forgetting! I LOVE D's vest! I want it in my size!

You had a super busy week! That Santa looks awesome!

You are brave letting the Ry do paint crafts in his fancy outfit!
I still need to do this with the kids this year.

Angela Williams said...

Whoa, that's a busy week!
Ry and Delainey always look so great in all your pictures :)