{week + end rewind}

 It was a busy weekend but a great one that's for sure. Rewinding back a bit this week...
Monday we celebrated the school I work at turning 10! We organized a wine and cheese for parents and staff along with a fun slide show presentation to take the families back to show them New Heights back in the day. :) We also celebrated the staff who have been with us 5+ years! Hard to believe this it my 8th year with New Heights {minus my maternity leaves!}

I interviewed some students prior to the event about what they like/think about New Heights and then we added their quotes to photos. They turned out so cute. 
It was such a great night. I am so proud of our little school and everyone in it.

It was my short week which was nice seeing as I was at school Monday night. We didn't do much all week since we cancelled our plans as the kids still weren't 100% well. I did let Ryder have 5 minutes of freedom for our walks otherwise he screams and tries to escape the entire walk.

I got out to teach Surf which was great, I had a full class and it was a sweaty one!

Friday I kept D home from preschool again which she wasn't happy about so I brought out some new games and she was super excited. This was by far her favorite and we have played it 892 times since.

I won this tee on Facebook from a little Canadian shop called Lucky Bum Clothing. They have some adorable Christmas ones but I thought this one was pretty accurate for this boy and then he gets more wear out of it. She just added some cute Mommy & Me ones too.

Definitely my wild child. :)

And my beauty.

I was making dinner and these two were going around with wipes and cleaning everything. 
My lucky day. :)

He also can climb up here and think he's pretty tricky.

Saturday morning the kids and I went to meet Whit and her 2 at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market for our annual date. We both picked up a few great items, we saw the reindeer and had mini donuts.

When we got home I transfered Ry to his crib for his nap and Delainey wanted to make cookies.

While we were out Justin went over to Jeff and Jolie's to help install a new garage door opener and a few other projects.When he got home I headed out to Illume's Christmas party. We went to serve dinner at a beautiful senior's lodge right beside our studio. It was such a fun night. The senior were so sweet and hilarious {and some hilariously grumpy}. :) We then had dinner ourselves and I was home by 8pm!

Sunday morning we took it easy before Delainey and I headed out in the snow to go downtown for our hair appointment with Amanda. I went darker {& love it} and both Miss D and I had a few inches chopped off. Jolie had her appointment after us and she did a big hair chop and it looks amazing.

As we were leaving the salon Delainey "reminded" me that last time we had out hair done we went for ice cream. So we went for ice cream. I LOVE Made by Marcus and with it being 5 doors down from Amanda's salon makes it impossible not to go there. And my date was the cutest.

We shared the Valrhona Chocolate as Delainey wanted Chocolate "because it's Daddy's favorite". I really wanted to get Boozy Egg Nog though. ;) Next time we go though I promised we'd get a sundae because the girls next to us got sundae's and we definitely wanted one of those in our belly!

While we were away Justin and Ry had a good afternoon together as well. We walked Cruz as when we got home both boys were napping and holy moly pushing the chariot through that snowy hilly ravine is one heck of a workout. That means more ice cream for me though right?! :)

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Leigh said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Need pictures of your new hair do :)

Bex said...

Yeah, I want to see the new hair! That ice cream place looks so yummy!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I'm 8 years too at my job and can't believe it! Time flys!
Hair photo please!! I need to get Avery in this week too.
I need to drive to Calgary to take your class, see you girls and eat ice cream lol.
Have a great week!

Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I want to see your new hair! I just realized the last time I had my hair done was in April!!! Eek! How did that happen?! I'm impressed Delainey waits there with you the whole time you're getting your hair done?

That's such a nice thing Illume did for the Christmas party! Sully likes to go around wiping things too! And he's so proud of himself while he does it lol.

Gabriella said...

Such a nice weekend! Ryder's snowsuit is so awesome. I love that you and Miss D had a hair/ice cream date! That is precious. Can't wait to see the new do!! :)

Nicole @ Haute Runner said...

Ice cream after hair cuts is a great idea! Share a pic of your hair! I liked the blonde but dark looks good too!

One year I will get to that Christmas market! Did you find lots of stuff there or do you go more to browse?

Jan said...

oh my goodness, Ryder's snowsuit is adorable! where is that from?