Happy Thursday! I am officially on holidays now. Yay! And can you believe Christmas is only 3 sleeps away?! Absurd. But I am SO excited. On to some randoms. :)


Delainey has been waiting to go sledding on our back steps like last year and with the temperatures finally warming up we headed out for a few minutes before dinner one day this week. Both kids had a blast, we can't wait to get to a real hill over the holidays.

Cruz may be a huge pain in the butt when we do this. ;)

Last night while Justin and I were at my staff Christmas party the kids had a sleepover with Ma & Pa and went to the Confederation Park Christmas lights display and Delainey did some more sledding too! Lucky kids.

This might be my favorite craft that came home from preschool!

I bought these matching bows from Dear Freya {shop out of Edmonton} during her boxing day sale for their Christmas outfits. I love the style of her hair bows for girls and she happened to have a matching bow tie for Ryder!

I have been following Blackbird Cold Brew on Instagram for months now as they are local to Calgary but just realized this week that it's one of my co-workers that started it! So I bought her last bottle of the Christmas Blend and tried it today with ice and milk and it's really so good - delicious hints of vanilla and cinnamon. It can also be heated and they have so many different recipes you can try with it on their website!

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Brie @ A Slice of Brie said...

I love all 3 of those outfits! You have some great jewelry too :) That little elf craft is SO cute. Do you guys really have that much snow still in your backyard?! I just can't help but giggle every time I see pictures of Ryder in his snowsuit. So cute!

Jen Linton said...

I've been following blackbird too and wanted to get my hands on some! Where'd you get it?

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Love their matching accessories! Sledding is so fun - I did so much of that as a kid but haven't as an adult - I should try to get out on a hill with my nephews this winter!

Enjoy your Christmas break!!

Leslie said...

I've been eyeing blackbird as well and wanting to try some. That's neat that one of your coworkers started it :)

Bex said...

That's cool one of your coworkers started Blackbird. I love that they come out to our summer farmers market and that I stumbled upon it. So good!